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 Today in history, April 13th, 1794, Lucile followed Camille to the guillotine. 

From prison she sent her mother this brief yet poignant note:  "Goodnight dear mama. A tear escapes from my eye. It is for you. I am going to sleep in the calm of innocence."
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 Happy Birthday to Saint-Just! Still looking pretty good for 243, I'd say ;)

I wish I had something interesting to share to commemorate this day, but sadly I don't. I was thinking of buying a cheap copy of Saint-Just et la force des choses that I'd found somewhere, since I haven't read much specifically about Saint-Just. 

Vive Saint-Just !
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I don't actually have anything to commemorate the event, sadly. However I would like to encourage you to spare a thought (and perhaps a few words, if you feel so inspired) for this man who slipped into history - and more than a few peoples' hearts in the past 250 years - against the odds. I could never express how grateful I am for it.
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Yes...I know. I'm being late again. But this time is not in purpose. I simplu couldn't leave any comments here, for LiveJournal was not working for me. I must accept that my PC is rather an old lady. There 's things that she can't do any more!

Marat birthday was in May 24, but this day all what I was able to see at Livejournal was a white screen.

However, I don't want to forget Marat, who was one of Hanriot's better friends (yeah...and he also was "L'Ami du Peuple"!). It was Marat who helped him to be freed from Bicêtre prison; it was surely him who peomoted him to Commandat of National Guard. And it was Hanriot who cared for Marat's gravesite when he was buried, planting roses and a tree close to it (It wasn't romantic?? :D ).

So, I think it's better to post this in May 31, when movement to get Girondins out of the Convention began...And would you believe me? Because it IS my own birthday too!

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Yeah! Happy birthday to the greatest man..alive dead i mean xd He's 251 this year! Hope he's having a party in the afterlife. No doubt he's being driven crazy by Camille and Saint-Just xd and May EVERYONE PARTY! :) (well according to my time; it is the 6th..-_-)


so i present my teddy Maxime and his new attire for the occasion!

Teddy Maxime says JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE! )
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Well, I forgot C.’s birthday last month, but I did remember what happened today, 215 years ago. How appropriate that the Danton film was released on DVD this past week, too.

I wish that I had something more interesting to write. For me, there’s such a persistent sense of life and rebirth at this time of year, which adds a quasi-spiritual element to the act of remembering the past. Forgive me for indulging my literary self, but I think that T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land most aptly describes the phenomenon:

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding           

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing           

Memory and desire, stirring           

Dull roots with spring rain.

And, later in the poem:  “That corpse you planted last year in your garden, / Has it begun to sprout? Will it bloom this year?” The images that Eliot uses have always struck me for the unsettling combination of the morbid and the beautiful, and the yearning for a kind of resurrection.

Claretie, in his long biographical preface to the first volume of C.’s oeuvres, dedicates a footnote to a brief anecdote relating the experience of a certain J.-J. Dussault, who would apparently see the same bunch of lilacs sprouting near the guillotine “where he had seen Camille’s head fall” on the same date the previous year, only the flowers weren’t fully in bloom, as they were when C. died. “And every year, on April 5, Dussault went curiously, almost superstitiously, to see this bunch of lilacs, which he called Camille’s lilacs.”

I also think of how C. drew that comparison between himself with “sans-culotte Jesu.” He was attesting to his innocence, but I like to think of it as a promise that his memory would be resurrected and preserved after his death.

So, my little tribute ended up being more about C. than the others--sorry! The bottom line is, let’s raise our glasses in honor of some great characters, without whom there would be no basis for our historical obsession! ;)

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Sorry there's no little picture or - am I even justified in posting if I don't have anything to actually contribute? I'm just beating myself up over the fact that I completely forgot about it till now, ahaha...
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Though it is fast waning, today marks the 216th anniversary of the execution of Louis Capet, ci-devant roi des Français, as well as Augustin Robespierre's 246th birthday.

To commemorate the first event, I've taken the liberty of translating Michel Vovelle's article on the subject written for the bicentennial and originally published in l'Humanité on 21 January 1993. My translation comes from the version of the article republished in the anthology of his essays, Combats pour la Révolution française.

And now, without further ado... THE DEATH OF THE KING. )

And in honor of Augustin's birthday, a picture of a bust of him by Deseine, the same sculptor who made the bust of Maximilien in my icon:

Joyeux anniversaire, Bonbon !
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 December 3, 1761, in Nanterre (Seine) a boy was born from Edme Hanriot (he liked to be named Pierre, I don't know why) and Marguerite Davoine.  It's pretty odd, but one of her godmothers was named Antoinette Marat! I suppose she was not related to Marat's family, since the true name of Jean Paul Marat was really "Mara" . Nevertheless, the fact is remarkable.

François Hanriot should grow up to be the Commandant General of National Guard of Paris...and to die tragically along with Robespierre, Couthon, Saint-Just, Bonbon, Fleuriot-Lescot and Payan, among others 10 THermidor 1794.  Like the others, he never lived to be an old man and have children of his own.

Happy BIrthday in Heaven, dear François! You, and your friends are always alive inside my heart.

HanriotFran (Vanesa)

(Detail of Hanriot the 9 Thermidor at the Hotel-de-Ville. Some minutes later he'll be attacked by Coffinhal and thrown from a window. He was almost dead when he was guillotined) Painting by Jean-Joseph Weerts.

(François Hanriot-Official portrait)

(NIghtmare night at the Hotel-de-Ville- 10 Thermidor 1794, by Jean-Joseph Weerts)
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Was--among other things--Philippe Le Bas's 246th birthday. With everything else that was going on, I forgot to mention it, but I thought I'd post this, to try to make amends.

Joyeux anniversaire, Le Bas (un peu en retard) !

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Today is the 241th anniversary since Antoine Saint-Just's birth. All the best to my most beloved Citoyen :x !
It's a perfect day to dedicate to him some drawings. I made them with traditional items (pencils, ink, felter-pens) so they are full of mistakes. But I am lazy and I don't have the suppport of an appropriate pc software, so I leave them just as they are. Here the portraits:

Louis Antoine Saint-Just after me + Prudhon

This is my favourite Antoine's portrait ever.
I am sorry because the sentence at the bottom is written badly. But I decided to leave it as it was. Too lazy to change it. 

Louis Antoine Saint-Just after me & Greuze 1

My second favourite Antoine's portrait ever.
Someone say it's not him in the picture (it would be Talleyrand instead) but I don't believe it. The features of this cinically smart, cooly outrageous feline predator are typically Antoine's. More, I love it to be him 

Ps.: I added those golden earrings and stole over the verses on a yellow background from Rimbaud - thank you, Arthur !

Louis Antoine Saint-Just after me & Greuze 2

Other (and beloved) portrait. I have seen it only on a b/w version so the colour (included that kitsch one of his clothes) is mine too.

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...That today is the (252nd) birthday of Prieur de la Marne, one of the few Robespierristes (especially on so high a level of prominence--Prieur de la Marne, as you will recall, was one of the two Prieurs of the Committee of Public Safety) to survive Thermidor, and indeed the Revolution. And this without ever having to renounce his principles! (He was on mission when Thermidor came, and then retired from political life after being imprisoned for siding with the insurrectionaries in Prairial Year III.)

So, joyeux anniversaire Prieur!

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I'm having a vodka and orange - the vodka was bought in a supermarket in the Artois region, so it counts, sort of!


Aug. 25th, 2007 05:15 pm
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Today is Saint-Just's 240th birthday~
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As most of us here are aware, I'm sure, today is the 213th anniversary of the execution of the Robespierristes. Just a small post to mark the occasion and to say R.I.P.

14 Juillet

Jul. 14th, 2007 10:27 am
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Wear your tricolor cockade, rock out to some revolutionary music, and ramble on to at least one random person about the beauty of the French Revolution. :D


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