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Did anyone else have the opportunity to visit this exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York? I went back in early December and had planned to write a review for this community, but then I found myself struggling to convey my impressions. Perhaps because I don't have a very extensive background in art history and lack the vocabulary. I also think I had hoped to see the pieces better situated in their historical context; the exhibition seemed (in my opinion) to hinge more on their importance to an aesthetic movement rather their social or political relevance.

Still, it was very interesting and I'm glad I went. If anyone else visited, I would be interested to hear your reactions.
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Ok. I was posting my presentation entry when LJ ate it D:<
*Calms down* well, I will rewrite it. I'm a new member \ ^o^ /
I have been looking for people that could help me with my studies on the French Revolution. Is a theme that really interest me, but so complex and so hard find a good book about it, but I only find Marie-Antoniette fangirls. That's so depressing... Now, I find this community! I'm so happy ^^
BTW, I like to draw chibis about it. I'll show us this, but it look like a 3-years-old-child draw and my camera hates it like you can see.
David learned that he will never paint Marat in the bath while he's alive )

(David... what I said you about paint-me while i'm in the bath?)
Another thing: my language is the Spanish. I can read English very well, but I suffer trying to write something. And I can read French because is very similar to Spanish, but I can't write a phrase with sense. So, be patient with me ;_;
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ALL OTHER ISSUES ABOUT THIS BOOK ASIDE, I have made an important observation about Marat's presence in A Place of Greater Safty, citizens.

Let me share it with you )
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Those thoughtless men who criticize me for being so stubborn, will see from this that I have been this way from an early age-- GET THE FUCK OUT, DAVID. )

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Easy reference is very easy. And yes, even though the telephone wasn't invented until 80-some-odd years after the revolution, it's here for comedy's sake :V

MOAR MARAT IN DAVID IN COMICS (and once again, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] kurotoshi's comic). Oh and my humor is very weird. Just sayin'....


/crawls back under rock until next time
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The Les Mis community will have already seen this one, but I've been inspired by all the Revolutionary fan art lately to plonk it in here as well!
Because Hugo said that Enjolras had  )
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This one is for the Saint-Just lovers out there; it's got a weathered look to it this time since the photo was more minimal than the painting and it just looked so empty...

Thank you, Mr. Angel of Death, for having a cravat that is so much easier to draw with the pen tool )

And I forgot to mention! Please, feel free to use these pieces in parts, as a whole, do whatever you want with them (draw mustaches, cut them apart, put Robespierre in a dress, whatever). I have made them for you! They are vector artworks, so if I did my work right, they should resize quite nicely without pixelating.
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HELLO! To all you lovely people!
May this first post be a tiny homage to all of you and to the piece of history that always tends to be forgotten.

Brount ate his spectacles so he must go without them for a while... )

Just in case: it's a spoof off of an iconic Shepard Fairey print! Dozens of them have been made, almost everyone famous has been done...so I thought Robespierre might like one, too :)


Feb. 24th, 2010 07:57 pm
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It's my drawing of Robespierre & Saint-just ^^
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Salut! I come bearing more art. Just two doodles today of Marat and Simonne-- WHY ARE THERE NO PICTURES OF HER?! D8 /baaaws forever

I imagine her as a pretty little thing c: )

And that's all from me /goes back under her rock until next time
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Salut! First time poster, long time lurker (and Marat lover) ;D I come bearing a simple crack!comic I drew. It was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] kurotoshi's comic~

In which Marat scares the crap out of David... )

Enjoy~! o/
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I'm an evil, totally diabolical being...

Even jacobins need holidays!  )

Fanart! :3

May. 27th, 2009 05:08 pm
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As I promised, here is our dear and well respected Maximilien, hidden in a cart of oranges!  X3

However, he is a little confused, so he's wondering what's going up. We're so mean XD

Where is Maxime? )
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So recently I got a bit worried that I was losing my ability to draw in a realistic style (if you've seen my earlier post, you've seen my chibis), so I decided to try it again.

Of course, this is probably the first time I've sat down and tried a full-scale realistic drawing/painting for two, maybe three years (I got lazy...), so it's not that good, the expressions are a little odd, and they don't look quite like the people they're supposed to be.

But I figured I'd post them here and see what people think anyway. ^^

Beware! Large pictures!

Camille Desmoulins )

Saint-Just )

Also, if anyone's bored, on Halloween my friend and I went as revolutionaries. I only have the pics of Saint-Just and Robespierre, not Camille, but it's still amusing. Saint-Just has been captured doing the time warp - but hey, it's not the worst thing that's happened to his reputation.

Link to my journal; moderately big images!
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okay. since i've decided to be very brave...I'll share some of my horrible fanart. I'm afraid it's okay. At least that's in my opinion. But you guys might enjoy it.


I've drew alot of fanart but i'll share some with you guys. And maybe if you like it, i'll put up some more ^^

Cute Maxime ^^ )

A better view; more realistic )

And lastly..

Yeah lastly.. )
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Salut et Fraternité Citoyens!

I'm new on the livejournal and here too. I feel so I'm the only hungarian revolution fanXD
I watched this community for a long time, but I thought of that way, I can't post any useful things to here. I saw other revolution fan posted their arts to here. Therefore I will do it also.
I hope you like it:)

I don't draw them only so....I have revolutionary story XD They are too cute, I think.....
Soon I will continue the posting:)
(I'm sorry for grammar mistakes, my English isn't perfect)

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I spent an awful week...T T I envy those of you living in not humid region.....right now it's raining like crazy (typhoon passing 0_0) God...I think I can feel the vapor in the air.......--;; and my wonderful english class *grumble* this is why i keep Fatal Purity on my desk. When I look at the cover I tend to curse less.......

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'Allo, all! The plot bunnies were biting around Bastille Day, and this is the result: a mildly slashy Louis Antoine Saint-Just and Maximilien Robespierre comic. Short, sweet, and didn't take too long. The script for this thing was lying in my notebook for ages, but then last week I came across it and decided to (finally!) draw it. This turned out to be an okay comic. Please excuse the lame furniture/background though. -_-' But when in doubt, throw a coat over it! XD *points to Robespierre's chair*

safe for work, images 922x1200

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