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Oct. 7th, 2010 10:36 pm
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 So, as weird as it is, I've always kind of liked the soundtrack to the Wajda Danton film. Yeah, I know, it's just a bunch of ominous clanging noises. Anyway, I've seen it on eBay as an LP, but does anyone know if it's available to download anywhere? I checked on iTunes and couldn't find it. 
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Since I am in a good holiday mood (i'm going home MONDAY WOOT!); I like to present my fanart to you =) And it has to do with Camille and Snowballs xD and Maxime's bloody nose =) Don't ask; It took me an hour; and yes that snowman is a republican snow-citoyen =/ and yes Saint-Just is almost covered up in snow thanks to Camille. Who knew Camille was a snowball champ? and yes Maxime is HIDING! I would also and Camille is scary, but he's happy. Lmao

as well as my other fanart =) which involves my two favorite things- Final Fantasy and the fr revolution =) Go me~ These particular fanarts are modeled on FF9 which is my favorite after 7 and 6(but i can't forget about ffx =( so sad! ) (which i'm still playing! GOTTA LEVEL UP and BEAT THE EVIL EMPIRE! Gotta save the world again ~~`woot xD with my band of misfits xD)
and yes Final Fantasy has a lot of conspiracies going on in most of the games but they are SO ADDICTING! along with xenosaga or xenogears (need to finish =/)  xD Maxime would like it xD well the Robespierrist(e)s would xD maybe it might make him even more paranoid or us;

and the main people are there along with Danton, David , Augustin and Lucile; and yes these were my real stats when i was playing but i leveled up and such xD so they are different and yes..there is a weird summary to it xD but anyhow, i'm a game player for realz xD and so yeah. and yes those fr people represent the different ff9 cast xD and they even have their own weapons <3 and you guess it..Maxime is my main character =Zidane with his sexy tail

and Joyeux Noël everyone!

xD enjoy it ~ Camille and Snowballs! OH MY! )
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Yeah, i'm not dead =) the guillotine hasn't got me yet..anyhow..i was going on the internet and looked up the french revolution and came up to this disturbing picture which made me laugh xD

and i wanted to share it with you all because i have a sick sense of humor or whatever. and enjoy xD hahahahha

discuss xD

You are warned! )
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On page 792 of the hardback US Edition of Schama's 'Citizens', he winds up his chapter 'Terror is the order of the day' with the lines "Commenting on the Revolution of the 10th August, Robespierre had rejoiced that 'a river of blood would now divide France from her enemies'"

Leaving aside that horrific 'rejoiced' - cos, yeah, he did it for the lulz! - I've only ever heard those 'river of blood' words attributed to Danton. Did Robespierre ever use the same words?
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It's called "Danton : the gentle giant of terror" - you are already loving it, aren't you? - and it's by David Lawday.
I WOULD have posted some of the best bits - I mean, the descriptions of Robespierre and the comparisons between the two men are priceless - but it has been taken from my college library and rudely put on the New Books display in the Uper Reading Room of the Bodleian. So if you are anywhere near there, go and see it!
I mean.. I don't know how the author knows half of the stuff... I think - my theory is - he secretly discovered Danton's private diary! but he doesn't want anyone else to know he has it, so whenever he uses information from THE TOP SECRET DIARY OF GEORGES DANTON AGED 34 1/4 he just doesn't site any references at all, and leaves us all open mouthed - like for instance, when he tells us exactly what wine Danton and Camille Desmoulins ordered from their favourite café on a particular day, and that Robespierre turned it down for a glass of milk instead. He had previously written about Robespierre had a "feline" look about him (and "joyless eyes" - [here he did site a source, the lovely Michelet]) which partially explains the milk but other than that...
I mean, you have to see this. This guy has discovered something big, I'm sure. He's just not telling us about it.

Here is a review by a respected person on the French Revolution scene here in England: http://www.literaryreview.co.uk/doyle_07_09.html

P.S. Sozzalicious to anyone I sort of intentionally annoyed. I am just like a lowly deputy of the Plain. Nobody up there on the Mountain need listen to anything I say
P.P.S. But do read this book because you will not be able to put it down (without hurling it across the room and foaming slightly at the mouth)(in amazement)!
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The 90 minute programme 'Terror! Robespierre and the French Revolution' is scheduled for broadcast on BBC2 on Saturday 11 July at 9pm - if there's anyone reading this in Britain who has the ability to record it and put it on youtube, please do - my computer is sadly too crap to handle that sort of thing. From the schedule date, I think the Supersizers Eat the French Revolution Saturday repeat will also be the same evening - so a bit of a theme there, then. In addition, there was a short discussion - that frankly didn't get anywhere - on Robespierre and Danton on BBC Radio 3's Night Waves review programme. Apparently, there's a book on Danton coming out, and the male historian was on discussing it with Ruth Scurr. She comes across as politely dismissive of the male Danton historian's assertions that Danton was 'every bit a male - Robespierre was far from that' (I think the male historian was about to say 'effeminate', then realised using 'feminine' in a pejorative way wasn't a good idea on a prog with a female presnter and a female historian!). The discussion is about 26 minutes into the programme, which is on 'listen again', and lasts 10 mins (if you can get it where you are) on this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00ldsvm/Night_Waves_Danton_Peter_RandallPage_Michael_Goldfarb/
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Well, I forgot C.’s birthday last month, but I did remember what happened today, 215 years ago. How appropriate that the Danton film was released on DVD this past week, too.

I wish that I had something more interesting to write. For me, there’s such a persistent sense of life and rebirth at this time of year, which adds a quasi-spiritual element to the act of remembering the past. Forgive me for indulging my literary self, but I think that T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land most aptly describes the phenomenon:

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding           

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing           

Memory and desire, stirring           

Dull roots with spring rain.

And, later in the poem:  “That corpse you planted last year in your garden, / Has it begun to sprout? Will it bloom this year?” The images that Eliot uses have always struck me for the unsettling combination of the morbid and the beautiful, and the yearning for a kind of resurrection.

Claretie, in his long biographical preface to the first volume of C.’s oeuvres, dedicates a footnote to a brief anecdote relating the experience of a certain J.-J. Dussault, who would apparently see the same bunch of lilacs sprouting near the guillotine “where he had seen Camille’s head fall” on the same date the previous year, only the flowers weren’t fully in bloom, as they were when C. died. “And every year, on April 5, Dussault went curiously, almost superstitiously, to see this bunch of lilacs, which he called Camille’s lilacs.”

I also think of how C. drew that comparison between himself with “sans-culotte Jesu.” He was attesting to his innocence, but I like to think of it as a promise that his memory would be resurrected and preserved after his death.

So, my little tribute ended up being more about C. than the others--sorry! The bottom line is, let’s raise our glasses in honor of some great characters, without whom there would be no basis for our historical obsession! ;)


Mar. 24th, 2009 11:10 am
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For those of you who are fans of Andrzej Wajda's film, "Danton," or have never had the chance to see it but would like to, it will be released on DVD next week, March 31, by Criterion Collection (in region 1 USA and Canada format).  It will be available on Amazon.com for about $35.00.  Devoted fans of the film cite its charms as: Saint-Just wearing eye make-up! Camille calling Robespierre a prostitute! and Gerard Depardieu in the title role! This posting, however, is not intended as an endorsment of the movie for either its entertainment value or its historical accuracy. Viewer discretion is advised. 
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There are loads of silent films on Youtube (a joy, if you like watching effete men in eyeshadow staring wildly and waving their arms around, which I do, for some reason), and, though Abel Gance's 'Napoleon' isn't up there - yet - D.W. Griffith's 1921 'Orphans of the Storm' is! And it's hilarious! I haven't seen it since I was about 10 so just had a dim memory of how silly it was, but I've just watched parts 9-14 (from the bit where Danton - the fairy godmother of the piece - storms the Bastille (oh, yes, it's that sort of film) to the end, where Danton rides his white charger to...oh, but I won't spoil it for you! Robespierre, btw, is the chap who looks like a cross between the Child-Catcher, the Cabaret MC and Kenneth Williams as Dandy Desmond, and his existence apparently has a negative effect on horticulture. He's also a Bolshevik, according to the inter-titles, and watch out for the wonderful Charleston-dancing Flapper Sansculotte chicks with headbands and off the shoulder dresses!
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Does anyone know if any photographs exist of the statue of Robespierre erected in Moscow in 1918? It didn't last very long - 'the concrete cracked in a frost' say some accounts, 'it was blown up' say others (ah, historical controversy, it's never far away...). They had a battleship 'Marat', too (the French had a battleship class of 'Dantons'!). Btw, the French music magazine, the awkwardly named Les Inrockuptibles (does it still exist?) - is that meant as some sort of peculiar 'tribute'?
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I know that there aren't any official minutes of the March 30 joint meeting of the Committees (or any meeting, really), but there are at least partial accounts of what transpired. Does anyone know of a relatively complete account, either from some primary source document (ie. someone's memoirs) or something pieced together by historians)?
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This may be old news (I only recently got broadband so moving pictures online are still a novelty to me!), but The Times (aka The London Times to those of you in the New World) has put its archive online. I still haven't explored it, but it put up some French Rev links with an article on the 14th July. The 16 July 1794 piece on the 'Character of Robespierre' is hilarious. He poisoned Marat to give him his skin disease! He was Charlotte Corday's handler! He and the CPS wrote 'Pere Duchesne' (because he's such a hardcore atheist)! And he blew up the Twin Towers with detonators in the basement! Or something like that. http://archive.timesonline.co.uk/tol/viewArticle.arc?pageId=ARCHIVE-The_Times-1794-07-16-02&articleId=ARCHIVE-The_Times-1794-07-16-02-008 And the article is http://archive.timesonline.co.uk/tol/archive/tol_archive/article4317146.ece
Funnily enough, when they report his death a few weeks later, The Times' attitude is "oh shit, he was holding it together...now there'll be chaos and war" (and there was!)
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Apparently, there's a new play coming on at the Globe Theatre (Southwark, London, re-creation of the Elizabethan theatre) in September called 'Liberty', which is going to be a verse adaptation of Anatole France's 'Les Dieux ont Soif'. I haven't read the book - from the reviews it sounded right-wing and dull - but there's an interview with the playwright on the Globe's website if anyone's interested: be prepared for some teeth grinding, as ever (sorry, I don't know how to do links!). It sounds like the usual 'revolution filtered through Buchner' approach - though at the same time it'll be quite interesting to see if it provokes any sort of debate when it comes out (it's playing for a month).
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Hey, I'm looking for a good biography of Danton.  Anyone have any recommendations?  Comments on biographies?
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for first-hand accounts of the execution of the Dantonists, preferably in French, but English will work too.  And to round it out, Lucile's execution too, if there are any.

Also, I'm looking for photos of Camille's home and Bourg-la-Reine and Danton's country home.  I know I saw a photo of Danton's in a book somewhere, taken before it got destroyed in WW(II?), but for the life of me I can't remember where.

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Does anyone know where I could find a full text of the letter Robespierre wrote to Danton after Gabrielle's death? I'd prefer it in French, but English works too.

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In the past few days, I've read Vive la Revolution by Mark Steel and Fatal Purity: Robespierre and the French Revolution by Ruth Scurr. I also watched the movie Danton. Some thoughts on them:

Vive la Revolution )


Fatal Purity: Robespierre and the French Revolution )


Danton )

Also, random plug that has nothing to do with the French Revolution: Little Miss Sunshine is freaking awesome.


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