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Did anyone else have the opportunity to visit this exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York? I went back in early December and had planned to write a review for this community, but then I found myself struggling to convey my impressions. Perhaps because I don't have a very extensive background in art history and lack the vocabulary. I also think I had hoped to see the pieces better situated in their historical context; the exhibition seemed (in my opinion) to hinge more on their importance to an aesthetic movement rather their social or political relevance.

Still, it was very interesting and I'm glad I went. If anyone else visited, I would be interested to hear your reactions.
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Easy reference is very easy. And yes, even though the telephone wasn't invented until 80-some-odd years after the revolution, it's here for comedy's sake :V

MOAR MARAT IN DAVID IN COMICS (and once again, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] kurotoshi's comic). Oh and my humor is very weird. Just sayin'....


/crawls back under rock until next time
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Salut! First time poster, long time lurker (and Marat lover) ;D I come bearing a simple crack!comic I drew. It was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] kurotoshi's comic~

In which Marat scares the crap out of David... )

Enjoy~! o/
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Since I am in a good holiday mood (i'm going home MONDAY WOOT!); I like to present my fanart to you =) And it has to do with Camille and Snowballs xD and Maxime's bloody nose =) Don't ask; It took me an hour; and yes that snowman is a republican snow-citoyen =/ and yes Saint-Just is almost covered up in snow thanks to Camille. Who knew Camille was a snowball champ? and yes Maxime is HIDING! I would also and Camille is scary, but he's happy. Lmao

as well as my other fanart =) which involves my two favorite things- Final Fantasy and the fr revolution =) Go me~ These particular fanarts are modeled on FF9 which is my favorite after 7 and 6(but i can't forget about ffx =( so sad! ) (which i'm still playing! GOTTA LEVEL UP and BEAT THE EVIL EMPIRE! Gotta save the world again ~~`woot xD with my band of misfits xD)
and yes Final Fantasy has a lot of conspiracies going on in most of the games but they are SO ADDICTING! along with xenosaga or xenogears (need to finish =/)  xD Maxime would like it xD well the Robespierrist(e)s would xD maybe it might make him even more paranoid or us;

and the main people are there along with Danton, David , Augustin and Lucile; and yes these were my real stats when i was playing but i leveled up and such xD so they are different and yes..there is a weird summary to it xD but anyhow, i'm a game player for realz xD and so yeah. and yes those fr people represent the different ff9 cast xD and they even have their own weapons <3 and you guess it..Maxime is my main character =Zidane with his sexy tail

and Joyeux Noël everyone!

xD enjoy it ~ Camille and Snowballs! OH MY! )
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The heritage is still alive. Articles on revolutionaries and other people somehow related to the French revolution, including Marat, Brissot, Hérault de Séchelles, Roux, Couthon, Saint-Just,  Hébert, Prieur, Choderlos de Laclos, Sade, Toussaint Louverture (the leader of Haitian revolution and anti-slavery movement, the so-called black jacobin), David, Olympe de Gouges and many others. 

Our fellow-revolutionary Estellacat has kindly volunteered to translate any of these articles to English for those who can't read French. Just express your wish in a comment and she will do it for us.

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Assuming this links correctly (it should be Caravaggio part 8/12 on Youtube) - just a nice little in-joke from the wonderful and sadly departed Derek Jarman's film 'Caravaggio': it's about 4 mins 40 secs into the clip- the character in the tub is a bitchy art critic who has been assaulted by the painter at a party the previous evening. Classicists here might also be interested to know that Jarman made 'Sebastiane', which has the honour of being, as far as I know, the first film entirely in latin, and the first to get an erect penis on British TV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1odJaiu9O0A&feature=related
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Look what I found! It made me smile a little bit. I came across this ad at this site here for an "image-makers" trade show called FOCUS ON IMAGING.

Schama wishes he could be so cool.

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I watched Simon Schama's Power of Art thing on David and jeeeez, he really hates him, doesn't he? It actually bothered me. Like, to the point where I made faces at the TV.
Also I forgot to add that it is very apparent that Death of Marat just EXHUDES ~*evil revolutionary sentiments*~ that corrupt the minds of our youth, ya know?
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Anybody know of any (good) books about Jacques-Louis David, preferably ones that don't cost billions of dollars and focus on the Revolutionary period as opposed to the Napoleonic?

Eh? Eh?



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