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I know that the festival of the supreme being hastened Maxime's fall but certaintly he must of known this, right? Why didn't anyone stop him? I mean why did the CPS and convention or any of his allies ever stopped him? And how in the hell, did they let him stage IT?!! Did they not have any sense either? I'm seriously wondering that xD I mean..that's bugged me when i read all sorts of things on it but they never explained why. Unless..everyone was on crack..then i can totally understand.

>.> and expect some fanart from me in a few days time. Hahah, i have some other twisting ideas that should be fun to draw xD *cracks up*

and on a total unrelated note: The CPS's table. Their table. I swear to the supreme being that i keep thinking it's circle or oval rather than a rectangle or SQUARE; =/ (which still pisses me off that we were lied that a square and rectangle were DIFFERENT shapes, not a special type of rectangle or special type of square. whatever =/ IGNORE ME xD Ranting a lot xD)
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Well, first of all, several things:

1. The Festival of the Supreme Being was yesterday. Happy late Festival of the Supreme Being, citizens! :D May he smile down upon you in all of your endeavors and grant you a blessed and virtuous year.

2. Our virtuous online republic (aka: this community) turns two years old in two days. Happy early Anniversary of the Community, citizens! :D May we have another fruitful year of discussion and knowledge-sharing and so forth.

So, the main point of this post: our community icon.


This is serious business, you guys.

What I am doing, then, is charging YOU, yes, YOU, the members of this fine community, with creating one for us. Make us as icon that will inspire all with love for our fair community! Rules, obvious as most of them are:

1. Icons must be French Revolution-related.

2. Icons must follow Livejournal requirements.

3. You can make and enter as many icons as you'd like.

4. Icons must be in before midnight on June 19, 2008. Voting (because we ♥ democracy here, obviously) will then begin the next morning, June 20th, and last until June 22nd. The next day, the results will be announced.

5. Submit your icons in a reply to this post. Comments are screened so that no one knows who made what. If you have any other comments/questions on the contest or any other part of this post, I will unscreen your replies.

...So. Yes. I'm interested to see how many people will actually respond to this! XD
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EDIT: Due to the length of this entry, it will be posted in two parts.

In keeping with this month's theme of discussion, I have decided to translate Mathiez' study on the Festival of the Supreme Being for you all. Consider it an early present for the Festival. XD I trust it will prove enlightening and perhaps provoke further discussion.

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Since the idea of a monthly discussion point seemed fairly popular, I thought I'd get us started off here.

This month's discussion point is the Festival of the Supreme Being (Fête de l'Être suprême, for all the lucky dogs who understand French)

This seems to be a bit of a contentious issue in some circles, and it happened in June, so it seemed like a good place to begin. ;) Just...er...as the name would imply, discuss. XD; The main discussion will be confined to this post, but if you have something else to share that is based around the current topic (ie: a review of a book that specializes on it, screencaps of it being represented in a movie, etc.), you're free to make your own post.


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