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I was browsing the internet today and found a Mac dashboard widget of the French Republican Calender and Clock, using the 4/128 conversion. As I don't have a Mac, I couldn't check if the download actually works and isn't buggy, but I figured I'd post it here if anyone should want the Republican calander time and date on their desktop: http://mac.wareseeker.com/Dashboard-Widgets/republican-calendar-1.4.zip/314644
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Has anyone tried this, or know how/if it works? http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/33264&mode=feedback (that should be a link to a thingyo download that converts your computer dates to the republican calendar. If it doesn't, google 'salut et fraternite' without the é and versions should come up. Unless it's a cunning right wing plot to crash the computers of lefties!). I'll give it a go when I've upgraded my computer to OSX bigger cat than wot I've got. And then reply to the sodding royalist who has already left a comment on the site.
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Now that I've gone through a full year's cycle with them, I've decided to make my icons based on the Republican Calendar available for others to use, in case anyone has any interest. I have one for each month, excepting Thermidor (for reasons which may or may not be apparent) and the sans-culottides, which don't really count as a month in any case.

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I stumbled across this while avoiding schoolwork: convert any date since 1792 into the French Revolutionary Calendar.

Have fun.


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