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Was--among other things--Philippe Le Bas's 246th birthday. With everything else that was going on, I forgot to mention it, but I thought I'd post this, to try to make amends.

Joyeux anniversaire, Le Bas (un peu en retard) !

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This will be the third and last part of the translation of Élisabeth's memoirs. It treats Thermidor, as well as some random miscellanies. Given that, it's probably unnecessary to warn you that it may be depressing, but I'll do so anyway, just in case. It's not all depressing though, and it is worth reading. If anyone is interested, I also have the original French version of this section and the last one here at my journal.

Part III )
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I must warn you that this is the last somewhat happy section. The next (and last) one skips all the way to Thermidor. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. This post talks about complications for Élisabeth and Le Bas's relationship, their marriage, and Le Bas and Saint-Just's mission to the Armée du Rhin. Enjoy! (And don't forget to comment. :D)

Part II )
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Now that I've you all a few days to digest the last chapters and appendices of Charlotte Robespierre's memoirs, as promised, this will be the first of probably several posts of  Élisabeth Le Bas's. A note though: the tone, as you might have guessed, is rather different from Charlotte's. Élisabeth's memoirs are focused on herself, rather than the famous historical figures she knew. She only really discusses them in relation to herself. Which is actually more interesting in some cases, narrative-wise. But you'll see. And please do comment on the content: it would be nice to be able to discuss it. (Especially since this is the part containing the basis for that infamous scene in A Place of Greater Safety--if you don't know about that, so much the better for you and your brain.)

Part I )

Oh, also, this is drawn from Autour de Robespierre : Le Conventionnel Le Bas, which is by Paul Coutant, alias Stéfane-Pol, Le Bas's grandson's son-in-law--as the note penciled into my copy so helpfully points out. 

EDIT: I've also posted this in the original here, if anyone is interested.
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I'll make a different post for this.

I also bring to you some sound extracts (no image) from the film. [livejournal.com profile] juliesaintjust made them. Once again, I only uploaded them. However, I was crazy enough to translate them. You’ll find the transcriptions of my translation under the cuts. :D

I have more sound extracts, but now I'll start with those I have about 9-10 thermidor.

Click on the pics (matching the scenes) to download the sound extracts.

Night of 8 thermidor: Le Bas, Saint-Just, Élisabeth. )

The morning of 9 thermidor. )

9 thermidor: the insurrection of the Hôtel de Ville. )

9 thermidor: Robespierre arrives at the Hôtel de Ville. )

9 to 10 thermidor: last hours of the insurrection. )

10 thermidor: a farewell with the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens of 1793. )
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Thus I wish to share with you the 1964 TV movie La Terreur et la Vertu by Stellio Lorenzi and Alain Decaux.

Ah, the 1960s! The glorious decade of the victorious left! When the revolutionary, republican and jacobin tradition reigned over historiography!... Long before Furet’s Reaction, which brought with it films such as Wajda’s "Danton", Enrico’s "La Révolution française", De Broca’s "Chouans", Rohmer’s "L’Anglaise et le Duc", Jacquot’s "Sade", Coppola’s "Marie-Antoinette" and the Supreme Being Knows What could be next. Meh.

But that is another story. Back to La Terreur et la Vertu.

I begin with screencaps, which were made by [livejournal.com profile] estellacat. I only uploaded them. :D (And yet, it was very, very, very long. >.> )

Behind this cut, thumbnails of the film. )
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Today's a short picspam, but I think you'll find it interesting. More's on the way as soon as I find the time to scan and edit. Two big pics, the rest are linked.

Random questions: Does anyone know of any articles/books, preferably in English, about castration anxiety during the French Revolution? Any books/online resources, in French or English, dealing extensively with anti-Robespierre propaganda both before and after Thermidor?
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