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Though it is fast waning, today marks the 216th anniversary of the execution of Louis Capet, ci-devant roi des Français, as well as Augustin Robespierre's 246th birthday.

To commemorate the first event, I've taken the liberty of translating Michel Vovelle's article on the subject written for the bicentennial and originally published in l'Humanité on 21 January 1993. My translation comes from the version of the article republished in the anthology of his essays, Combats pour la Révolution française.

And now, without further ado... THE DEATH OF THE KING. )

And in honor of Augustin's birthday, a picture of a bust of him by Deseine, the same sculptor who made the bust of Maximilien in my icon:

Joyeux anniversaire, Bonbon !
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Salut et Fraternité Citoyens!

I'm new on the livejournal and here too. I feel so I'm the only hungarian revolution fanXD
I watched this community for a long time, but I thought of that way, I can't post any useful things to here. I saw other revolution fan posted their arts to here. Therefore I will do it also.
I hope you like it:)

I don't draw them only so....I have revolutionary story XD They are too cute, I think.....
Soon I will continue the posting:)
(I'm sorry for grammar mistakes, my English isn't perfect)

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Salut citoyennes! 

Does anyone know where I might find the text of the letter Louis XVI wrote before the Flight to Varennes? I've been googling it, but, alas, all I get are articles mentioning that such a letter does, indeed, exist, without showing me any proof of it. 


a book...

Jul. 27th, 2007 05:27 pm
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Perhaps you guys might have heard of a book by Deborah Cadbury? It's entitled The Lost King of France and it talk about the experiences of the Royal Family during the height of the French Rev...

I think Louis XVI and Louis XVII are hot...



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