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Remember, today is the last day to complete the monthly quote challenge if you haven't already! I will be taking answers through 12:00 AM CST (so you even have a bit of extra time if you're from the eastern part of North America or in Europe!).


Mar. 22nd, 2010 09:20 am
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There are only five days left to complete the monthly quote challenge, so get your guessing in soon!

Mod Post

Feb. 3rd, 2010 07:34 pm
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1. The new layout: yay or nay? I just thought it was time to change the look of the comm. a bit.

2. TAGGING. With the help and guidance of the Lord the Supreme Being, I have finally tagged everything that's been posted...well, in the past two years, more or less. My eyes hurt, and I never want to have to type 'queries, robespierre' ever again. But the point is...it should now be somewhat easier to find what you're looking for/see if anyone has already asked a certain question/etc. I'm also up for suggestions if anyone thinks there's a better way to tag things; I've already gotten rid of weird double tags (camille desmoulins vs. desmoulins, for example. I went with the former, because more posts had already been tagged that way), misspelled tags, and added more for individual people. But yes, if anyone has a suggestion about how tagging could be made better, just let me know.

3. Related to the above, please tag your posts from now on (if you haven't already been doing so). No need to worry about whether or not you're tagging them with the absolute right set of words; if I see anything that I think needs to be added or taken away, I'll just quietly move in and fix it. :)

4. Should we bring back monthly discussion points? If so, what kind of topics would you like to see?
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Well, first of all, several things:

1. The Festival of the Supreme Being was yesterday. Happy late Festival of the Supreme Being, citizens! :D May he smile down upon you in all of your endeavors and grant you a blessed and virtuous year.

2. Our virtuous online republic (aka: this community) turns two years old in two days. Happy early Anniversary of the Community, citizens! :D May we have another fruitful year of discussion and knowledge-sharing and so forth.

So, the main point of this post: our community icon.


This is serious business, you guys.

What I am doing, then, is charging YOU, yes, YOU, the members of this fine community, with creating one for us. Make us as icon that will inspire all with love for our fair community! Rules, obvious as most of them are:

1. Icons must be French Revolution-related.

2. Icons must follow Livejournal requirements.

3. You can make and enter as many icons as you'd like.

4. Icons must be in before midnight on June 19, 2008. Voting (because we ♥ democracy here, obviously) will then begin the next morning, June 20th, and last until June 22nd. The next day, the results will be announced.

5. Submit your icons in a reply to this post. Comments are screened so that no one knows who made what. If you have any other comments/questions on the contest or any other part of this post, I will unscreen your replies.

...So. Yes. I'm interested to see how many people will actually respond to this! XD
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So yay, updates:

1. I have changed the comm's layout because the old one, though it looked kind of fitting, was too plain and blah. XD The shiny new one is more organized, featuring TAGS on the right-hand side for easier browsing. Huzzah.

2. I finally did all of the tagging that I've been neglecting since August, so you will now have a slightly easier time finding things relevant to your interests. Double huzzah.

3. I posted links to translations of primary source material (Charlotte's and Élisabeth's memoirs and Saint Just's short story) on the community info page so that it is even EASIER to locate them than it would have been with just the shiny new layout and the shiny new tagging. W00t Triple huzzah.

4. I've sort of forgotten about monthly discussion points lately. Do you guys miss them, or were they just kind of...there?

Your kind and benevolent bloodthirsy, weather-controlling dictator moderator,
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Well, [livejournal.com profile] revolution_fr celebrates its first birthday on June 11th. As we approach that date, I'm just wondering...is there anything you guys would like to see more of in the future? A weekly/monthly discussion point? More fics/art/icons (I know they exist, but very few people seem to use the comm to advertise them)? More reviews? Naked Saint-Just?

And on that same note - does it actually feel like it's been a whole year to anyone? XD;
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Hey! :D

As your esteemed bloodthirsty dictator moderator, I would like to kick things off here with a welcome and a few suggestions.

WHAT UP. Huzzah, hurrah and even hurrooh, a French Revolution community finally exists. Let's have a blast~

As far as suggestions, well, actually, I've only got two...

~Would anyone be up for creating a reference post? What I mean is, a list of movies, books, websites, and other things that concern the French Revolution. I don't think my knowledge is quite extensive enough (In other words: I BE A N00B). But if anyone else's is...yeah.

~What if we had, like, a quarterly icontest? Or a fiction or art conest? Would anyone actually contribute? (Of course, maybe I should wait until there's more members to ask this. XD)

Does anyone else have any other ideas?


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