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City of Darkness, City of Light
Marge Piercy

(Beware the spoilers!)

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So, as promised, I'm finally (about a month late, but better late than never, I suppose) posting what I have as far as the portrayal of Éléonore Duplay in literature goes. The following links will only lead to English-language excerpts, but if anyone feels like browsing my journal there are a few French ones posted there too. 

In case anyone missed my explanation of why I'm doing all this for as minor a historical personage as Éléonore Duplay, I'll just briefly sum up my reasons: the first, is that--as many of you know--I'm planning of eventually writing a novel in which Éléonore will be the protagonist, so it's useful to me personally to know what others have written about her. The second is, quite simply, that it's actually possible to compile all the excerpts of novels and plays that feature Éléonore, whereas, if I were trying to do the same for say, Robespierre, well, there are entire books from his perspective... Needless to say, it would be pretty near impossible. Third, I figure since I'm making this compilation in any case, I might as well share it, since a little knowledge is unlikely to do anyone any harm. (In fact, at some point, I'll probably post some non-fiction excerpts as well, just to add some more *useful* knowledge to the mix.)

Also, while I'm not particularly fond of stating the obvious, I think it might be a good idea to note that since these are novels and plays, it's a good idea to take whatever notions the authors might get into their heads to represent, with a grain of salt. Or a whole shaker. Or a whole salt-mine. But you get the idea: when it comes to accuracy, some of these are better than others.

So, the links:

Burlesques, William Makepeace Thackeray, 1847
 British Artists from Hogarth to Turner: A Series of Biographical Sketches, Walter Thornbury, 1861 and The Atelier du Lys, or an Art Student in the Reign of Terror; Margaret Roberts; 1877
Macmillan's Magazine, John Morley, 1888
Longman's Magazine, Charles Longman, 1890 and The Journal of a Spy in Paris During the Reign of Terror, Charles Fletcher, 1895
The Friend of the People: A Tale of the Reign of Terror, Mary Rowsell, 1895
Robespierre: The Story of Victorien Sardou's Play Adapted and Novelized Under His Authority, Ange Galdemar, 1899
The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel, Emmuska Orczy, 1922
Mon ami Robespierre, Henri Béraud (Translator: Slater Brown), 1928 
Jacobin's Daughter, Joanne Williamson, 1956 (Part I) 
Jacobin's Daughter, Joanne Williamson, 1956 (Part II)
The Incorruptible: A Tale of Revolution and Royalty, Helma de Bois, 1965
A Place of Greater Safety, Hilary Mantel, 1992
A Place of Greater Safety (2) 
A Place of Greater Safety (3)
City of Darkness, City of Light; Marge Piercy; 1996
(City of Darkness, City of Light again)
The Ninth Thermidor, M. A. Aldanov, 1926
The Gods Are Thirsty, Tanith Lee, 1996
The Danton Case, Stanislawa Przbyszewska, translated by Boleslaw Taborski in 1989

One last thing: I had to make the font size very small on some of the entries in order to fit everything. I'm sorry for any annoyance/inconvenience that might cause, but it is possible to change the font size.

And as always, it would be interesting to see any comments any of you might have, either here or at the entries themselves. Happy reading!


Jul. 12th, 2006 01:29 pm
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So, I'm going to be joining the school Speech team this year, and one of the categories I'll be in is Entertainment. Basically, you present a bunch of misinformation on whatever subject it is that your speech is about. I decided to do mine on Robespierre. 8D

I've been writing up a list of the ridiculous things people believed about him or put about after his death (green skin, beheading little birdies, etc.) If anyone here has heard anything else that's particularly juicy, I would love to hear it.

On another note, I'm reading Mantel's A Place of Greater Safety right now. Awesomeness. I'm not much a fan of the prose itself, but overall, I like it a lot thus far. I also read Piercy's City of Darkness, City of Light not long ago. It was all right, but nothing special. I got a bit confused several times when reading. She...did not seem to like Lucile Desmoulins much. Or Charlotte Robespierre (mind, it seems Charlotte really was rather a...bitch, let's say, but every time I read a scene with her in that book, I was like, "Christ, did she run over your puppy or something? What do you have against this woman?!" For some reason, even though she superficially acts quite the same in Mantel's book, it seems much more...I dunno, probable, natural, something. All I can get out of Piercy's is that Charlotte brutally axe murdered her in a previous incarnation [probably for ogling Maxime] and she's trying to get revenge. XD;).

Ooh, um, wow. That's a longish paragraph.


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