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Hi people,

(I think this is all right under the advertising rules - if not, I will totally understand if the Mods want to delete it.)

Anyway! I'm here to mention that I have nominated Dantons Tod and The Danton Case for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide - A Place of Greater Safety had already been nominated, which is great because it's my all-time favourite.

So, lots and lots of potential for revolutionary goodness (or, indeed, badness...) at Christmas, and I thought I'd post about it here in case anyone else fancied signing up for yuletide and requesting/offering these fandoms. Or indeed other revolution-focused books or films: the film Danton; City of Darkness, City of Light - there are lots of other things that could be nominated. I chose my nominations based on level of slashiness between Camille and Danton, I must admit...

I'm definitely planning to request, and probably offer revolution!fic - last year I was given a wonderful Camille/Danton story, which was a pretty amazing thing to wake up to on Christmas day. :)
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[livejournal.com profile] trf_chan sort of invited me to join, after I suggested to invade the community. ;D

Sooo, I'll introduce myself now. I am an university student in history and I am also interested in philosophy and art. I therefore quite appreciate to discuss of the Enlightenment and Neoclassical Art. I thought I would be able to share, here, some of the things I have about the French Revolution, especially on Saint-Just, Robespierre, David and Le Bas -- more or less in that order, since I do have a slight obsession preference for Saint-Just, I must admit...

As for the LJ life, I am one of the maintainers of [livejournal.com profile] sexandthecomite, dedicated for slash and het fiction though we didn't really get any het yet, and the (half-dead) Saint-Just's community, [livejournal.com profile] sieclesetcieux. I wrote some fics too, though it's been some time since I've done it now.

Being from Québec, I speak French, and what I get and read are mostly books and articles written in French, so I especially post my stuff in French. I'm not so very good at translating, but I can try reviews from what I read. :D

And since I'm not entirely posting for nothing, I bring some links. )
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Hi there! I've been encouraged to post here, because I believe I've got something that may be of interest to some of you.

For my birthday this year, a friend of mine dug up a copy of the Oeuvres de Camille Desmoulins. It's absolutely amazing. And since it isn't the easiest book in the world to get, I'm going to be typing it out and posting it for other people to read. This may take a while, but I mean to update at least every few days. If you're interested, it'll be at [livejournal.com profile] cordelier. The first four sections of La France libre are already there.

It is entirely in French, so I apologise to anyone not fluent, but I can do very bad translating on a very small scale if asked. Discussion of any sort is of course very welcome. :D

I hope this is of some interest!

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Hello all!, I am here to introduce the commencement of [profile] early_republic, a new community for all things American Revolution and the decades thereafter. I'm not sure, but for me, interest in the French and American Revolutions tend to go side by side, and so I would love to see you guys over there picking favorites and putting your two cents in about the slightly less gruesome, but no less exciting, American Revolution :). And otherwise of course too - personally my favorite era is 1790s politics, and the conflicts therein between Hamilton, Burr, Washington, Jefferson, etc etc...and what about those great guys Freneau and Callender? As scurrilous journalists go, they may not be Marats, but, you would think they would have admired his work :). 

So anyway yeah, would love to see you there!
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Salut Citoyens et Citoyennes! New member! Well...I guess we're all new members to this comm, aren't we? I took a class on the French Revolution and Napoleon last quarter so I'm a bit of a plebe, but I think I know a decent amount (my notes for the final ending up being 13 pages!) about revolutionary matters. I've also been taking French for the past seven years, so I'll be available if anyone wants some translation work for speeches or anything.

I'm currently reading A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel which is a semi-fictional account of the period through the eyes of Robespierre, Desmoulins, and Danton from their formative years to their respective deaths. The writing style leaves a lot to be desired (very anglicized, moderning sounding dialogue and the such), but the plot line is pretty good.

I'm also a big fan of musical theatre and I highly recommened La Révolution Française, the first collaboration by Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg, the creators of Les Misérables (which was, in fact, not about the French Revolution like many high school history teachers think, but the student uprisings of 1832!) and Miss Saigon. It's in French and they were both pretty young and inexperianced when they wrote it, but it's still a great time. Maybe I can upload a couple songs for you guys sometime, if you want.

My current revolution-related loves are Saint-Just, Robespierre and basically the entire Committee of Public Safety, using the French Republican Calendar at every possible opportunity, what happened on the night of Varennes, and a young Napoleon Bonaparte (pre-Egyptian Campaign).

And now for some pimping: I'm the mod of [livejournal.com profile] little_corporal which is a Napoleon comm for all you Bonapartists, although I notice that a lot of people from over there are already here (Hi guys!). For World Cup fans out there: Allez les Bleus!!


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