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Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me answer some questions. After going through about ten different topics for my honours thesis, I have finally settled on investigating the third issue of Le Vieux Cordelier. In particular Camille's use of Tacitus, and the reception of the issue. I'm also particularly interested in the whole "burning is not answering" thing I've heard a bit about.

I'm aware of the fact that quite a lot of what Camille claims is from Tacitus isn't actually from Tacitus at all. It's stuff he's made up, and I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what is and isn't. Basically I was wondering if anyone could point me towards the bits of the Annals that he is working from. I can probably figure it out from there.

Regarding the second topic, I was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly where in Rousseau the line "burning is not answering" comes from.

My last question. Does anyone know where I could find an English translation of the second half of the third issue?

Thanks in advance!
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Are there any not-insane books, chapters etc (I've seen vague references to articles in 'Annales Historiques de la Revolution Francaise') on the role of Freemasonry / Illuminism in the Revolution? (Ken Campbell, theatre performer and benignly nutty theorist, died yesterday and it reminded me...I saw him do a performance in a masonic lodge in Edinburgh - it was being used as a temporary venue - and the iconography carved into the walls etc. was very similar that of the revolution's visual motifs). It seems to be either completely ignored in the 'regular' history books, other than occasional references - Claretie had some item of Desmoulins' masonic regalia, I think - or prompt lunatic frothing rantings in right-wing conspiracy theory books from Thermidor onwards. I presume regular historians don't want to go there because of the nebulousness or the weirdness it generally prompts, but if you're going to discuss Rousseau and co and their influence, it seems ridiculous to then ignore what is also so clearly a factor in the lives of the various players : it would make sense if the Breton deputies were freemasons, for example, but all discussion in books then either vanishes or becomes wild...(and very funny).
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Hello everyone!

Two things once again:
1. Would anyone be interested in beta- reading a Scarlet Pimpernel fanfic? I've always been irritated with the characterization of Robespierre in said series of novels, and am attempting to portray a more historically accurate one.
2. Is it true that Rosseau personally tutored Robespierre? According to someone on [profile] historical_love, he did, but I've never read about it. I'd think that it'd be something important enough in Robespierre's life to be included in all the things I've read on him.... Admittedly, I haven't read as much as I would like, nor have I read as much as everyone in this community, but I'd think that said information would pop up in at least one article or something. Have I just not read enough?


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