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Saint-just, Augustin robespierre, Charlotte robespierre,
Where did they live in thermidor ?
Does anybody know ?
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Seriously; I think i just find the weirdest crap on the internet because it is me..but this is like so funny, that i was laughing my socks off( and i am wearing socks xD)

apparently i came across this website entry about Robespierre and it's about FAILING xD (when i was trying to make a french revolution layout for my blog, so it is my HOST's fault! =/)

You can read this here


and then if you are highly ambitious like me, you can read the entire blog which has to do with more failing especially Napoleon (who i don't like or Louis Napoleon; DUMBASS! Getting France into a stupid WAR with Bismarck..*tisk**tisk* and i'm reading about the Paris Commune of 1871; not too far into it but interesting)

and a quick excerpt from it xD

"It was this blatant use of terror that achieved Robespierre extreme amounts of awesomeness. You may think it impossible, but it eventually proved to be too much awesomeness. "

and this one from the fail entry of Louis XVI, which had me cracking up xD

"It's regicide time, y'all."

here is the blog which is just pure awesome laughter fun time

Don't ask me why, but i'm attracted to weird stuff on the internet *facepalm*
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everyone bow your head and remember them in silence.

Yesterday was 9th Thermidor and today they were executed..:(

Poor Robespierre

Poor Saint-Just..

Poor everyone that followed..Just remember them and keep on fighting the good fight =)
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Finally!! I just found an extract online of the amazing La Terreur et la Vertu, near the ending of the second part "Robespierre".

This is the antidote needed after Terror! Robespierre and the French Revolution.

This is Saint-Just -- with natural authority, dignity, and a grand, tragic, resolute and sublime aura:

My translation of the dialogue:

COUTHON – Yes, write. (reciting) “Citizen-soldiers, generals and officers, armies of the Republic. The National Convention has fallen in the hands of rascals...”

(Couthon's voice fades, as Robespierre slowly walks to Saint-Just, who's standing near the window of the Hôtel de Ville.)

ROBESPIERRE – Why don’t you say anything?

SAINT-JUST – You know it. “In the name of the French people…” What people? It is not here.

ROBESPIERRE – Why did you follow me?

SAINT-JUST – “You, who sustain the fragile patrie against the torrents of despotism and intrigue… I do not know you, but you are a great man. You are not only the deputy of a province; you are the one of humanity, and of the Republic.”

ROBESPIERRE – What is this?

SAINT-JUST – You don’t remember?


SAINT-JUST – One day, back in 1790, a young man from Blérancourt wrote a letter to a deputy he admired through his speeches. This deputy; it was you, Robespierre. This young man; it was I.

ROBESPIERRE – So, you wrote to me?

SAINT-JUST – And I did not change.

ROBESPIERRE – I was the loneliest man of the Constituante. And now, I am alone again. Always.


ROBESPIERRE – Everything is lost, isn’t it?

SAINT-JUST – Yes, it is lost. It could not be otherwise. Considering who we are, both of us. Considering what we think.

ROBESPIERRE – Why didn’t you help us? Give us any advice?

SAINT-JUST – We possessed seventeen companies of gunners and thirty-two cannons. The Convention only had one company. We had to, at 19:00, lead two companies in front of the main door of the Convention; at the East door, one company; at the West door, two companies. We had to, at 19:30, invade the committees and immediately arrest all the members. We had to, at 19:45, invade the Convention, proclaim the Constitution of 1793 and outlaw Tallien, Fréron, Barras and all the other rotten scoundrels. We had to send, at the School of Mars, two companies to rally the students, the officers and the troops. We had to, at 20:00, in Paris, proclaim the triumph of the Commune. And the Insurrection of the Apathetic would have been crowned the Insurrection of the Bold.

ROBESPIERRE – And you did nothing?

SAINT-JUST – If I had, would you have approved it?


SAINT-JUST – The People of 10 August had the right to invade the Tuileries. The People of the 31 May and of the 5 September, had the right to invade the Convention. Not the armies.


SAINT-JUST – Today, all that was left to us was the dictatorship of the armies. The military dictatorship. We would have been suspended in a void. Robespierre, consul of the Republic. Saint-Just, consul of the Republic.

ROBESPIERRE – Of which Republic?

Edit: And if someone feels adventurous enough to watch it all in French without subtitles, I think I just found the whole second film online: http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/xrrkt_star_vin_la-revolution-francaise

This is brilliant. And how apt.
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OH NO! She's gonna talk about it..Yes..that horrible black day Thermidor..I'm a bit confused on it. Even in books..I'm like WTF?
 okay, here's what i do know.

Maxime and Co get arrested and sent to different prisons. They get released and all sort of beautiful things..xD So at the end, they're at City Hall at night..and..

that's where i get stumped.

I know Maxime attempted suicide and the others tried the same..well it seems like they were xD  I know Hanriot was outside with his soldiers, but they got lazy and tired, and went home. So again. I know Maxime was like hesisting to do anything..I know the robespierrist Mayor Les or whatever his name (too lazy to look it up -_-) And it may or may not rained.

Was Maxime alone with his associates? Was he with the commune? I'm so confused. I know the mess after. But why did he attempt to kill himself? That puzzled me. and why didn't they take any definitive action for their lives? (i'd do anything to save my life..clawing at people xD) Was it a lost cause?

Why didn't he try harder to save himself?

I'm prolly dumb xD and special..but i've always wondered it.  And i guess..since they lost the Commune.(as it gave up on them..) they were sitting ducks weren't they?

Anything helps xD Any corrections.xD  Any explantations for this?
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I don't think any of the history books I've read have ever really gone into this, but - presumably, as originally intended, the Thermidor plot was to have Robespierre and co. arrested, imprisoned, and then, presumably, put on trial before the Tribunal. Could they have seriously been confident in a conviction? Some accounts of the day suggest that the Robespierristes were reluctant to be 'freed' because it appears they reckoned a trial was a better option for them, Marat style. It would also have given Robespierre's supporters more time to organise. So, what were the plotters thinking? Just 'it's now or never and we'll work the next bit out when we come to it'? Any thoughts on this?

Another bit of unpleasantness on the same subject - I recently came across an account that suggests there wasn't any lead in the wound in Robespierre's jaw, i.e., that it was a shot from a pistol charged with gunpowder but no lead bullet: that would still cause a fair bit of damage, specially if fired into your mouth, which is the suicide method, but wouldn't smash your skull...sorry, I've had toothache all week so that's the sort of thing I've been wondering about!
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[profile] beatonna makes a series of history comics. Today was the French Revolution, so peek under the cut for Robespierre's hip-shimmying guillotine dance and a serious one on the 8th of Thermidor.
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As most of us here are aware, I'm sure, today is the 213th anniversary of the execution of the Robespierristes. Just a small post to mark the occasion and to say R.I.P.
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Today's a short picspam, but I think you'll find it interesting. More's on the way as soon as I find the time to scan and edit. Two big pics, the rest are linked.

Random questions: Does anyone know of any articles/books, preferably in English, about castration anxiety during the French Revolution? Any books/online resources, in French or English, dealing extensively with anti-Robespierre propaganda both before and after Thermidor?
drop it like it's hawt )
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I'm subscribed to the History network's daily newsletter, and they NEVER post ANYTHING about the French Revolution, and today :3


soo.. should I be sad or say Happy Anniversary! <3
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Group discussion time!

So...we all know that sometime between 9 Thermidor and 10 Thermidor, Robespierre obtained a not-so-pleasant bullet wound to his jaw. Some people said he tried (and obviously failed) to commit suicide before he could be guillotined while others said he was shot by someone (either a guard, someone who tried to save him but missed really horrible, or just someone who wasn't a big Robesy fan). Which account do you believe?

Something else I've heard is that right before the blade came down on his head, the executioner reached down and ripped of Robespierre's bandage, making so that his last few seconds on earth were spent screaming in pain. That wasn't very nice.


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