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Bonjour, citoyens:

I am new on this community (well, not so new >.>), but I haven't introduce myself. I'm very shy and my English has to get better, and I don't have enough knowledge to make a good debate.
Whatever, I would be very grateful if someone help me with this little question I have: How was the situation in the Comédie-Française in 1794-1795?


I consulted Wikipedia, and I found this:

Le 3 septembre 1793, pendant la Révolution, la Comédie-Française est fermée par ordre du Comité de salut public, et les comédiens sont emprisonnés. Une commission militaire y siège pour condamner une insurrection royaliste en 1795.

And in English Wikipedia: 

On the performance of Joseph Chénier's anti-monarchical play Charles IX in 1789, violent political discussions arose among the performers, and ultimately they split into two sections: the Republican party, under the young tragedian Talma, establishing a new theatre under the name “Théâtre de la République,” on the site of the present building in the Rue de Richelieu; while the Royalist section took the title “Théâtre de la Nation.”[2] On 3 September 1793, during the French Revolution, the Théâtre de la Nation was closed by order of the Committee of Public Safety for putting on the allegedly seditious play Pamela, and the actors were imprisoned though gradually released later. On 31 May 1799, the new government made the salle Richelieu available and allowed the actors to reconstitute the troupe.
[2] "Comédie Française". New International Encyclopedia. 1905.

Between the links, I found this pretty interesting list of the representations given between 1791 and 1799, in the Rue Richelieu. In Wikipedia too, another list of the sociétaires de la Comédie-Française. We know that Wikipedia isn't the best source, so, I'm looking for more details and more reliable sources.

Thanks! And happy belated birthday, Marat...

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