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This month's discussion point is Women and the French Revolution. The main topics for discussion, just to get this narrowed down a bit, are:

A. Women's rights and the French Revolution
B. Women's participation in the French Revolution

But, of course, you're also free to bring up anything else of interest related to this discussion point. :D
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This month's discussion point is Maximilien Robespierre.

Because it's his birthday in a few days. Discuss any and all aspects of his life, his work, his views, his reputation, and anything else you think of!
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The Dantonists are this month's discussion point.

Considering April 5th and all...it seemed somewhat appropriate.

Discuss any of the individuals within this group, the group's aims, why they had those aims, and anything and everything else Dantonist-related!
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Bringing these back seemed to be a popular enough idea!

This month's discussion point is the Committee of Public Safety.

Discuss the Committee's responsibilities, how those responsibilities tended to be divided up among its members, power dynamics of the Committee, the policies/actions attributed to the Committee, and, well, anything else you can think of that's related to it!
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This month's discussion point is the Revolution in Fiction.

Should be a fertile topic for discussion. ;) Talk about the portrayals of the Revolution and its central figures in books, movies, etc., the underlying reasons for them being portrayed as such, and what this does to the image of the Revolution in the popular imagination.

There's a nice post specifically on Saint-Just's portrayal in fiction here, also.
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This month's discussion point is Camille Desmoulins.

Discuss any and all aspects of his life, how important and influential he was in the course of the Revolution, why he brings so many fangirls to the yard today, how jealous he obviously was of Saint-Just, etc. etc.

Because People!Discussion points seem to actually yield up more...discussion. O.o;

Also, feel free to use the comments to suggest other monthly topics you'd like to see coming to an LJ community near you. I expect 'Why Our Mod is Always a Week Late Putting up Monthly Discussion Points' to be rather popular, personally. D:
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This month's discussion point is the sans-culottes.

And only six days late, too. :P I know the topics about specific people are generally more popular, but my feeling is that we've got to space them out a bit.

So this month we shall discuss a group - the sans-culottes. The role they played in shaping events, the range of different opinions held on them, all of that fun stuff. GET DISCUSSING. :P
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Apart from those I already know here, I was wishing to know if anybody else would be interested into discussing political philosophy and theory? Because I'm very much into that (maybe even too much), and it would be fun if there was someone to discuss with, maybe to help sorting out the chaos. I'm quite a beginner, of course, having read very little through Montesquieu and Rousseau.

Just so I specify: I'm working on the political thoughts (but also socio-economical) of Robespierre, Saint-Just and the Jacobins. Trying to understand through historians I can read on the website www.revolution-francaise.net. Of course, it's in French... But some links, in case anybody around can read them: Guilhaumou's "The Hatred of the French Revolution: a Form of Hatred of Democracy", Wannich's "The French Revolution in the Country of Ghost Trains" and Gross's theories on "Terror and Equalitarian Liberalism". I also recommend reading this, also by Gross.

A few thoughts on 'Lire Saint-Just' by Miguel Abensour. )

Btw, anybody speaks French here? Or is from France? Anybody knows French forums -- which are active? (I'm from Québec -- so I speak French. That's why I'm asking.) Because I can hardly believe this LJ community could be the only one in the world? Or is it? -_-;
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This month's discussion point is Saint-Just.

Thought we'd change it up a bit and discuss a person instead of an event. ;) Feel free to discuss any aspect of his life, what effect he had on the revolution, your Personal Thoughts on Saint-Just(tm) (the FrenchRevvie's version of Thoughts on Yaoi(tm)! Now with 20% more crazy poetry!), anything.
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This month's discussion point is Bastille Day and the Beginnings of the Revolution.

Up for discussion are both the day itself, and everything leading up to it that probably helped to cause the revolution. Social reasons, political reasons, economic reasons - everything.

...Um, have fun? XD; And sorry this is a day late; I completely spaced if off yesterday!
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EDIT: Due to the length of this entry, it will be posted in two parts.

In keeping with this month's theme of discussion, I have decided to translate Mathiez' study on the Festival of the Supreme Being for you all. Consider it an early present for the Festival. XD I trust it will prove enlightening and perhaps provoke further discussion.

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Since the idea of a monthly discussion point seemed fairly popular, I thought I'd get us started off here.

This month's discussion point is the Festival of the Supreme Being (Fête de l'Être suprême, for all the lucky dogs who understand French)

This seems to be a bit of a contentious issue in some circles, and it happened in June, so it seemed like a good place to begin. ;) Just...er...as the name would imply, discuss. XD; The main discussion will be confined to this post, but if you have something else to share that is based around the current topic (ie: a review of a book that specializes on it, screencaps of it being represented in a movie, etc.), you're free to make your own post.


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