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I'm new at Live-journal, I'm interested in the french revolution since I was eleven and I have been watching this community for a time. My love for the french revolution started when I became fascinated with Antoine Léon Florelle de Saint-Just (such a bad boy, bringing fan-girls to the Jacobin's Club XD).

I think I should say I'm from Spain, so English is not my main language, I hope I can make myself understandable :D
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First and foremost, I am quite nervous about this first-time post. So, hello to you all, and please be gentle with me.

I discovered this comm only today and it has successfully distracted me from exam-studying for seven plus hours. No mean feat! I am very grateful. However, I also fear I am turning into Stanislawa Przybyszewska, so I've decided to make this post and then slowly back away from the Robespierre/French Revolution related websites.

While we're on the subject of that wonderful, wonderful man, however...I assume most of you will have already read this, but just in case you haven't, I wanted to link you all to this incredible review written by Hilary Mantel of a collection of Robespierre's essays. It actually doesn't discuss the collection much, if at all, and is more a meandering commentary on Robespierre's various historical depictions. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed reading it. I actually teared up at the end. I haven't been this obsessed since I stumbled across Arthur Rimbaud's poetry.

And, on that note, happy obsessing, all. Having found this comm, I feel a little less alone now in my insane adoration. So again, thankyou. <3
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Hello, I'm Johanne. Pardon this, it's probably not good form to demand something in a first post!

Ehem. My History book, as anyone within screaming distance is aware, is crap. This bothers me, especially as my History teacher is an ignorant pig who deals very poorly with the slightest bit of critique, even when directed towards the copious mistakes in the book and not him. Pointing out to the class that it would be awfully difficult for one man (three guesses who) to be responsible for the entire Terror got me a proper scolding and probably a less-than-wonderful grade.

So, could any of you reccomend me some literature that deals with the lesser known aspects of the revolution, or that clears up some of the common misconceptions? Serious and academic, (semi-)serious and fun, Horrible Histories-style or a really brilliant biography or a documentary, it will all do as long as it will help me a) learn, obviously and b) smack my teacher in the face with my awesome skills.

I'd really appreciate it! :D

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yes another one has joined..lol

but all seriously..i fell in love with the french revolution in my freshman year of High school and ever since then..ive been trying to find out all about the unique players..especially Robespierre..

whom i currently obsess over!

and yes all of my friends know..but they don't take me any seriously about this obsession..and that saddens me..but that aside..i want to know more about the french revolution..ive even collected some nonbiased english books on the subject but im sure there is more to know! And im willingly to learn more!

I think i wanna know more about the players within the revolution because i sometimes get confused  by their reasoning behind their actions.


Yeah Im happy now..=)  
and thank you for reading this..

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Hi there! I'm a homeschooled geeky highschooler, and I've always been interested in the French Revolution since I was much younger. I've read only a couple of children's books about the time, but those two have been some of my favorites (I'm re-reading one of them right now), and the whole culture just seems to fascinate me. However, I have absolutely no idea why there was a Revolution other than the commoners were angry with the royals and all that bit. All my textbooks seem to sort of skim the F. Rev., and focus in much more on The American one instead (which sort of makes sense, since I use American texts. :P).

Basically, I'm a newbie who wants to really get into the whole era, but I have no idea where to start. I know there's probably been a million posts on here of the sort (I apoligize, I couldn't find one!), but I really need book recommendations. :) What is a good starting book(s) for the overall Revolution and the Reign of Terror, that isn't too textbooky and boring? Don't get me wrong, I love dates of events and stuff, but sometimes it gets mind-numbing when the emotion of the times gets cut. If there's a huge book list somewhere for the Revolution, that'd be awesome too. The more the merrier. :)

Also, I have to ask: Was Robbespierre as bad as they all say he was? ;)

thanks so much! :D

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Hi, I'd just like to introduce myself briefly: I'm an undergrad student from Ireland, in my final year of a B.A. in English and History.  I'm writing my final year dissertation (a short thesis, about 12,000 words) on the influence by J.J. Rousseau on Robespierre's life and career.  I'd just like to say thanks for translating Charlotte Robespierre's memoirs, which I've just found after searching for an English copy for a about 6 months! So thanks to whoever did that...

Now that I'm here, I have a question.  Does anyone know if it's possible to find an English translation of Robespierre's Ouevres Complete, or at least part of it?  I've been looking for that for ages too, and had pretty much given up, but finding Charlotte's memoirs has given me renewed hope.  Any information or advice would be hugely appreciated.  I've been finding it extremely hard to get primary sources about the French revolution that have been translated into English, and I'm afraid my project will suffer as a result.

Thanks again!
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Yep, I'm new, and nearly imploding from joy at finding this community. =) I love the French Revolution, and hero-worship Robespierre, whom I've been drawn to more and more since I first studied him a year ago in my tenth grade history course. So, when in my recently passed Junior year, I was given the topic "Triumph and Tragedy" for my National History Day project I simply HAD to write about the Reign of Terror. I didn't make it passed regionals, which I think is because the judge of my paper didn't understand my points/the fact that I wrote it unlike how THEY would have, but I'm proud of this and put alot of effort into it and thought I'd share. I hope everyone enjoys it, even if they know almost everything in it, but I caution you that it is lengthy and my internal citations are left in due to sheer laziness on my part. :D

The Reign of Terror: The Tragedy Masking Triumph )
Feel free to add anything to this you'd like-- I enjoy learning more, and it is sort of sketchy due to word limit. :)
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[livejournal.com profile] trf_chan sort of invited me to join, after I suggested to invade the community. ;D

Sooo, I'll introduce myself now. I am an university student in history and I am also interested in philosophy and art. I therefore quite appreciate to discuss of the Enlightenment and Neoclassical Art. I thought I would be able to share, here, some of the things I have about the French Revolution, especially on Saint-Just, Robespierre, David and Le Bas -- more or less in that order, since I do have a slight obsession preference for Saint-Just, I must admit...

As for the LJ life, I am one of the maintainers of [livejournal.com profile] sexandthecomite, dedicated for slash and het fiction though we didn't really get any het yet, and the (half-dead) Saint-Just's community, [livejournal.com profile] sieclesetcieux. I wrote some fics too, though it's been some time since I've done it now.

Being from Québec, I speak French, and what I get and read are mostly books and articles written in French, so I especially post my stuff in French. I'm not so very good at translating, but I can try reviews from what I read. :D

And since I'm not entirely posting for nothing, I bring some links. )
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Can anyone recommend a good and informative book about Marat? Biography, or good piece of fiction? Informative webcites?

Usually my main interest is Saint-Just (I sort of fell in love while reading some nasty stuff about him in Aubry's old book) but Marat interests me too, because he "was around" from the beginning.  Are there any scans from his L'Ami du Peuple paper to be found online? Also, if someone here has written any fictional stuff about him, I'm more than happy to read it.

Because this is my first entry here, I have to introduce myself to be polite:
I'm finnish, but moving soon to study historical and cultural studies in UK. I've studied design and cultural history for some years and publiched a (small) book about visual culture during the Revolution (symbols, art, fashion etc.) I've loved French Revolution as far back as I can remember. Apologies for my vampiric userpic. I'm an amateur horror writer.


Mar. 18th, 2007 11:05 pm
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Hello there, i'm new here and I need some help.
I'm on a deadline(yeh, i'm an idiot who forgot the due date) and my term paper is about Robespierre. Mostly "Robespierre: hero or villain?"
I'm tend to think of him more like a hero, and not villain, and I need a little help to prove that, so any ideas that can help to explain why he should not be concidered a villain would be very helpful. Like qutes, or links on some resources or just you opinions.
I promise to keep the copyrights.
Thank you


Mar. 17th, 2007 06:05 pm
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Hello all! I was directed here from a few kindly individuals at [profile] historical_loveand I must say that this quite made my day.

Now, a question for all youlovely, lovely people:
1. Where might I find a Robespierre icon?
2. Are there any decent books on the French Revolution, fiction or non-fiction, that I should spend my Border's gift card on?


Jan. 18th, 2007 10:54 am
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I am very new to this community and would like to ask, if there is a place on LJ, when I could upload some nice FR icons. Can you help, please? :) Thanks.

EDIT: Sorry. I meant, I would like to find some pretty icons around here and download and use them - not to upload my own. Unfortunately, I don't know, how to make icons. ;)
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(Hi, I'm new. Hi, I cross-posted this. Hi, if you've seen it already, my apologies.)

The story is this: A few days ago I ostentatiously safety-pinned a strip of ragged white cloth to the back of my fleece jacket on which I black-sharpied Jacobin Club, and, for added effect, dabbed a subtle bit of red on the left bottom corner. This I’ve been wearing with great glee around campus, in hopes of attracting some other crazies, perhaps, and so far I’m pleased about the amount of recognition (I think I’ve even found a Saint-Just fanboy.)

However! It didn’t take long before I was worrying about more Thermidorean times. (No, not like that. Heat-wise, I mean.) I can’t be a flagrant Jacobin in the heat – a T-shirt was in order. So I opened a Café Press shop ten minutes ago. So far there’s only a Club babydoll shirt. I was thinking also of making a version with a guillotine on the back, maybe. And probably I should add other shirt options, not just babydoll. And there’ll be more goodies to come once I think of something else that’s faintly witty. If anyone’s actually interested and would like to see more stuff, let me hear your ideas. WHAHAHAHA! Ahem.

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A community dedicated to the french revolution...wow, I just couldn't believe my eyes.
I was actually searching for other people/communities with an interest in Manon Roland and found this.
My interest for the revolution goes way back to the day I saw a adaption of Jostein Gaarders "Sophie's World" and there suddenly popped up Liberté, Égalite, Franternité banners, Robespierre quoting Rousseau and Marie Olympe de Gouges on her way to the scaffold. It was a very poor adaptation of the part of the novel about the french revolution, but even now I find it somewhat charming...
Well, it was not until about a year ago that this site (http://www.mtholyoke.edu/courses/rschwart/hist255/) combined with my passion for Les Mis, that sparked my interest for the revolution again.

I've first and foremost begun to dig into the feminist aspect of the revolution and my idol is no one else but the intellectual and brilliant Madame Roland.
I know the basic facts and events of the revolution, but I'm still in the learning progress, so please be patient with my, at times, dumb questions.

Now that I've just begun high school I have none of my usual friends around me who is used to my sudden outbursts of revolutionary quotes and verses of the marseillaise so I have to keep my too violent fits inside. Therefore I'm looking foreward to discussion and silliness in this community that can help me keep my head on throughout the day. (ahaha, dumb joke. As much as I hate statements like the one in the Madame Tussuad's brouchure, something like: "her post at Versailles is cut short...as are the royal family", I can't help but use them. I know. Behead me.)
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Ok, I don't know if introducory posts are allowed, but...I'll place it under a cut.

Read more... )
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Salut Citoyens et Citoyennes! New member! Well...I guess we're all new members to this comm, aren't we? I took a class on the French Revolution and Napoleon last quarter so I'm a bit of a plebe, but I think I know a decent amount (my notes for the final ending up being 13 pages!) about revolutionary matters. I've also been taking French for the past seven years, so I'll be available if anyone wants some translation work for speeches or anything.

I'm currently reading A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel which is a semi-fictional account of the period through the eyes of Robespierre, Desmoulins, and Danton from their formative years to their respective deaths. The writing style leaves a lot to be desired (very anglicized, moderning sounding dialogue and the such), but the plot line is pretty good.

I'm also a big fan of musical theatre and I highly recommened La Révolution Française, the first collaboration by Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg, the creators of Les Misérables (which was, in fact, not about the French Revolution like many high school history teachers think, but the student uprisings of 1832!) and Miss Saigon. It's in French and they were both pretty young and inexperianced when they wrote it, but it's still a great time. Maybe I can upload a couple songs for you guys sometime, if you want.

My current revolution-related loves are Saint-Just, Robespierre and basically the entire Committee of Public Safety, using the French Republican Calendar at every possible opportunity, what happened on the night of Varennes, and a young Napoleon Bonaparte (pre-Egyptian Campaign).

And now for some pimping: I'm the mod of [livejournal.com profile] little_corporal which is a Napoleon comm for all you Bonapartists, although I notice that a lot of people from over there are already here (Hi guys!). For World Cup fans out there: Allez les Bleus!!
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Hey! :D

As your esteemed bloodthirsty dictator moderator, I would like to kick things off here with a welcome and a few suggestions.

WHAT UP. Huzzah, hurrah and even hurrooh, a French Revolution community finally exists. Let's have a blast~

As far as suggestions, well, actually, I've only got two...

~Would anyone be up for creating a reference post? What I mean is, a list of movies, books, websites, and other things that concern the French Revolution. I don't think my knowledge is quite extensive enough (In other words: I BE A N00B). But if anyone else's is...yeah.

~What if we had, like, a quarterly icontest? Or a fiction or art conest? Would anyone actually contribute? (Of course, maybe I should wait until there's more members to ask this. XD)

Does anyone else have any other ideas?
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Ah hahaha I want to be the first one to post here! So, I suppose what I would start out by saying is that, for those of us who tend to attach ourselves to certain sides or figures in history, the FR is a prickly one, isn't it? Cause pretty much everyone behaved pretty horribly at one point or another! So do you feel sympathetic towards the Jacobins or the san-cullotes or the Giordonists (sp?) or what?, because they all resorted to killing at one point or another. Personally, I find Robiespierre a very tragic figure, someone who lost their goodness in zealous pursuit of it; so he is a great parable for what can happen when we get a little *too* into our ideas, and we are a little *too* sure they are right. Marat however I think was a complete sack of scum, depsite how much I like that painting....and when I wrote a paper for my FR course, I argued that the san-cullotes and their demands were largely responsible for a lot of the human rights abuses and the escalation towards the Terror...

And finally, there has recently been an excellent article on the Terror and the new book on it in the New Yorker, I highly reccomend reading it. If it is not available online, and I get enough requests, I would be willing to try to figure out a way to make a PDF file linkable from here, but I will have to get enough requests for that!


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