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So recently I got a bit worried that I was losing my ability to draw in a realistic style (if you've seen my earlier post, you've seen my chibis), so I decided to try it again.

Of course, this is probably the first time I've sat down and tried a full-scale realistic drawing/painting for two, maybe three years (I got lazy...), so it's not that good, the expressions are a little odd, and they don't look quite like the people they're supposed to be.

But I figured I'd post them here and see what people think anyway. ^^

Beware! Large pictures!

Camille Desmoulins )

Saint-Just )

Also, if anyone's bored, on Halloween my friend and I went as revolutionaries. I only have the pics of Saint-Just and Robespierre, not Camille, but it's still amusing. Saint-Just has been captured doing the time warp - but hey, it's not the worst thing that's happened to his reputation.

Link to my journal; moderately big images!
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 Hi, People!: These are the images I've promised so long ago, and here they finally are. They could be very different between them, but there's a thing for sure: Hanriot was NOT like the ugly ,old, shouting man who is shown to us in "The French Revolution", by Heffron. However, I can see Michel TRévières, the actor who incarned him at "La Terreur et la Vertu" in all of  them. What do you think?

I was always surprised by this one...It 's one of the last known pics of Hanriot. He seems to be a little sick. This is a picture in which he aroses a maternal feeling on me. I want to go there and cheer him up! Hehehe

O.K...that's little. But I posted it for it's entirely different than all the others. You may aprreciate an earring piercing Hanriot' s ear...Saint-Just was a good teacher...wasn't he?

Hanriot in his "sick little boy" etape. He looks rather adorable and somewhat astonished. The artist Gabriel caught him by surprise and portrayed him without being noticed, some days before Thermidor.

He was rather happy, here!

And that's all by now! I hope you'll liked these few pics. There are others that I shall post later.

HanriotFran (Vanesa)






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Today's picspam is a double feature. I took screen shots of Saint-Just from Goddard's film Week End and scanned a few pages of The French Revolution: Paper dolls to cut out.

Le Weekend

On with the shoe... )
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What? "Le bleu vous va si bien" (Blue suits you so well) a live-action roleplaying (LARP) game set in 1793 Brittany. This celtic region on the west coast of France was famous for its anti-revolutionary activity, so players could play either side (historically, "blues" were the revolutionaries, "whites" the royalists).

When? A few weeks ago, near perfect timing for Bastille Day :)

Where? near Quimper, Finistère, Brittany

Who? In Nomine Ludis, a Breton LARP group

more pics behind the cut )

For more pictures of LARPs, checkout the [livejournal.com profile] larpix community
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Today's a short picspam, but I think you'll find it interesting. More's on the way as soon as I find the time to scan and edit. Two big pics, the rest are linked.

Random questions: Does anyone know of any articles/books, preferably in English, about castration anxiety during the French Revolution? Any books/online resources, in French or English, dealing extensively with anti-Robespierre propaganda both before and after Thermidor?
drop it like it's hawt )
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Due to the excellent feedback in my last post, the revolutionary picspam will continue. and I know you guys would send me to the Tribunal if it didn't. I'm only about a third of the way through scanning all the good pics, so more's on the way. Click on the thumbnails to view full-size picture.

gimme gimme gimme, i want some more )
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Here's the rest of the planches from Buffenoir's Portraits de Robespierre.

No pictures or thumbnails, just links under the cut. Most pics are 600 pixels wide, 300dpi. No hot linking, please. Tell me if there's any broken links or mislabeling.

Just out of curiosity, what's your favorite picture (or top 10) out of the whole book? Which one(s) is your least favorite?

*Edit* Handwriting analysis added.

i'd like a side of virtue with that, plz )
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OK, here's planches 26 to 40. I haven't yet finished scanning and editing all the pictures. I wanted to finish it today but my scanner decided to go on strike and I still have crap to do for my website. Notify me if there's any broken links.

time for democrasizzle )
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Here are planches 11 to 25 from Buffenoir's Portraits de Robespierre. I hope you all don't mind that I just listed links instead of posting the usual thumbnails. Tell me if there're any broken links.

on to the bootylicious truths )
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I just got in Buffenoir's Portraits de Robespierre and thought I'd share the Maxime love. There's 70 something plates, all b&w, and I so far have scanned the first ten. Some of the pictures are pretty well known, but I figured I'd put them up anyway.

All planches are 600 pixels wide, 300 dpi. Clicky click thumbnails under the cut. Do whatever you like with them [except hotlink]. Gangsta Max icons, anyone?!?!

everyday i ate a tart.. )
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Since I'm bored (and have no life and really should be doing other things like work), I decided to scan some pics from various books. I hope you all enjoy.

The pics are pretty big, so I put them up as thumbnails.

don't cut me )


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