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 Salut et fraternité citoyens,

So I was telling someone about some illustration of Robespierre I'd seen in which he's a vampire...but now I can't find it anywhere! From what I remember, it's Robespierre with fangs in front of a guillotine (or maybe several guillotines), probably some 19th c. British portrayal. I thought I'd even seen it on this community, but I can't seem to find it as I peruse the archives. In any case, I'm sure one of you has seen it and can direct me to the source.

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"Le vaisseau de la Révolution ne peut arriver à bon port que sur un mer rougie par des torrents de sang" 

Does anyone know if this quote is
1) historical of fictional (Büchner's) . If real when it was pronounced?
2) If it's real, is it Saint-Just's or Barère's?

"Une nation ne se regénère que sur des monceaux de cadavre."
And what about his one? Is its only source a Thermidorian satirical play, again? The one in which it's attributed, as maelicia has found out, to a mysterious friend of Saint-Just?

Because it is often attributed to Saint-Just, too. It's astonishing; as if Saint-Just hadn't left to posterity enough gory quotes, the anti-revolutionary propagandists must invent new ones :D

Well, that's not serious historiography at all. According to George Henry Lewes, Vilate contributes the first quote to Barère and the second one to Saint-Just and they are supposed to have said it at a private dinner during Marie-Antoinette's process. Has anyone read Vilate? So, did Barère say his bloody quote in the Convention or at a dinner with his CPS buddies? Did he say it at all? Oh dear.

Thanks for help!
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Does anyone know an exact source for the quote 'you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs', which is often used with reference to (revolutionary) violence and variously attributed to Stalin, Lenin, Napoleon, and Robespierre (Google tells me vaguely, 1790,'on ne saurait faire une omelette sans casser des oeufs') - is there an exact source (speech, letter, pamphlet?). I appreciate it would probably be a popular saying prior to that anyway, but...

The other quote source I'm wondering about is Saint-Just's alleged response to Camille Desmoulins' written remarks about him carrying his head like the holy sacrament: "I'll make him carry his like Saint Denis" - was that a bit of contemporary gossip, or the invention of Buchner in his play 'Danton's Death'?
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I want to know what historians generally think of Robespierre but i'm having sort of hard time
researching ;_; Just quotes about him would be okay (if i can understand it) but what do
historians say about him? Do they really say horrible things? It would be nice if you could give me some quotes about Maxime. ^_^
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Another query - does anyone know the source, if any, for Albert Camus' description of Saint-Just (presumably while a law student) living in a room with black walls with teardrop patterns and the shutters closed? This sounds too teen-angsty to be true, but would be wonderful if it was (reminds me of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, when in a fit of depression he paints his bedroom black but Noddy's bells keep showing through!). Camus mentions it in the Saint-Just chapter of 'The Rebel'.
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I'm doing a reenactment of some scenes from the French Revolution with my friends in a few weeks, and I was wondering - does anyone have an English translation of Camille Desmoulins' Aux Armes speech on July 12? The "jump on a table, pull out a pistol or two, and get everyone to wear green" speech; I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. ^^

Also, I'm looking for Saint-Just's "Report on the Dantonists" (again, in English - alas, I speak no French).

Anything else you can get me in English, I'd be grateful. Preferably by Robespierre, Desmoulins, Danton, Saint-Just, Marat, etc. All is welcome; presume we know nothing. ^_^

We have a pretty willing group, so if there's anything you'd like to see people in costume performing in front of a camera in Central Park or wherever it ends up being - please, either give me a link or email me at riderriddle@yahoo.com

(Also, if anyone knows a lot about costumes of specific people and can link me to something that has really good images, that would be very helpful! It's the little details, like "What did stockings look like" and "What type of shoes?" and "What do the sleeves look like again?" that really get you...and if you can answer any of those questions, that helps. ^^)

Thanks a lot!
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I'm looking for a quote about the Revolution and Google is being remarkably unhelpful, considering I thought it was a fairly famous quote.  If anyone can give me the exacting wording and author of this quote that would be incredibly helpful.

It's something like, referring to the French Revolution, "Never was any event so inevitable yet so completely unexpected."


EDIT: Ah ha.  De Tocqueville: "Never was any event so inevitable yet so utterly unforeseen."
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Does anyone here know the historical source - if any - for Couthon's bunny habit in Abel Gance's 'Napoleon'? Or is it just another example of early cinematic weirdness, like the armadillos in 'Dracula'? Either way, I'm sure it was the inspiration for Bond villain Blofeld...!
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Does anyone know where I could find a full text of the letter Robespierre wrote to Danton after Gabrielle's death? I'd prefer it in French, but English works too.

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Salut citoyennes! 

Does anyone know where I might find the text of the letter Louis XVI wrote before the Flight to Varennes? I've been googling it, but, alas, all I get are articles mentioning that such a letter does, indeed, exist, without showing me any proof of it. 



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