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The members of the National Convention
Places of Abode
“Commissaires aux archives”
Links : book

Maximilien Robespierre’s address was “rue des Cordeliers , passage du Commerce ” .

Augustin Robespierre’s address was “rue Saint-Honoré, No. 366 ” .

Maybe, These things found in the rue Saint-Honoré were not Maximilien’s ?
Maybe, Maximilien Robespierre was not familiar with the Duplays? Augustin was familiar with the Duplays?
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Saint-just, Augustin robespierre, Charlotte robespierre,
Where did they live in thermidor ?
Does anybody know ?
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Since I am in a good holiday mood (i'm going home MONDAY WOOT!); I like to present my fanart to you =) And it has to do with Camille and Snowballs xD and Maxime's bloody nose =) Don't ask; It took me an hour; and yes that snowman is a republican snow-citoyen =/ and yes Saint-Just is almost covered up in snow thanks to Camille. Who knew Camille was a snowball champ? and yes Maxime is HIDING! I would also and Camille is scary, but he's happy. Lmao

as well as my other fanart =) which involves my two favorite things- Final Fantasy and the fr revolution =) Go me~ These particular fanarts are modeled on FF9 which is my favorite after 7 and 6(but i can't forget about ffx =( so sad! ) (which i'm still playing! GOTTA LEVEL UP and BEAT THE EVIL EMPIRE! Gotta save the world again ~~`woot xD with my band of misfits xD)
and yes Final Fantasy has a lot of conspiracies going on in most of the games but they are SO ADDICTING! along with xenosaga or xenogears (need to finish =/)  xD Maxime would like it xD well the Robespierrist(e)s would xD maybe it might make him even more paranoid or us;

and the main people are there along with Danton, David , Augustin and Lucile; and yes these were my real stats when i was playing but i leveled up and such xD so they are different and yes..there is a weird summary to it xD but anyhow, i'm a game player for realz xD and so yeah. and yes those fr people represent the different ff9 cast xD and they even have their own weapons <3 and you guess it..Maxime is my main character =Zidane with his sexy tail

and Joyeux Noël everyone!

xD enjoy it ~ Camille and Snowballs! OH MY! )
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For those who can read French (or Italian, since the original was written in Italian), there's a new book coming out (according to Amazon) on January 14 2010: a biography (!) on Augustin Robespierre, written by Sergio Luzzatto (who also wrote Mémoire de la Terreur: vieux montagnards et jeunes républicains au XIXe siècle, which I recommend if you can read French).

Bonbon Robespierre, la Terreur à visage humain

(Hasty) translation of the summary:

For everybody, the name of "Robespierre" is obviously associated with Maximilien Robespierre, with the French Revolution, jacobinism and the Terror. But Robespierre is also the name of his young brother Augustin, "Bonbon" for his close ones, a figure who is rarely mentioned in history books, except when it comes to the date of 28 July 1794, when the two brothers were condemned to death.

Augustin, however, played a significant role during the Revolution. Also a man of law, militant jacobin, deputy of the Montagne, Bonbon was first of all a man with practical experience, who travelled through Revolutionary France from North to South.

No doubt, by facing Terror directly, he understood that revolutionary violence needed to cease in order to preserve the achievements of the Revolution.

But, if he was convinced that the Revolution needed to come to an end to be preserved, if he dared to express some opposition to Maximilien, he showed, in the end, an exemplary courage in asking to be associated to his brother in the supplice of the scaffold.

Sorry for the bad translation: it's 1am and I should be in bed. -_-
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Though it is fast waning, today marks the 216th anniversary of the execution of Louis Capet, ci-devant roi des Français, as well as Augustin Robespierre's 246th birthday.

To commemorate the first event, I've taken the liberty of translating Michel Vovelle's article on the subject written for the bicentennial and originally published in l'Humanité on 21 January 1993. My translation comes from the version of the article republished in the anthology of his essays, Combats pour la Révolution française.

And now, without further ado... THE DEATH OF THE KING. )

And in honor of Augustin's birthday, a picture of a bust of him by Deseine, the same sculptor who made the bust of Maximilien in my icon:

Joyeux anniversaire, Bonbon !
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I'll make a different post for this.

I also bring to you some sound extracts (no image) from the film. [livejournal.com profile] juliesaintjust made them. Once again, I only uploaded them. However, I was crazy enough to translate them. You’ll find the transcriptions of my translation under the cuts. :D

I have more sound extracts, but now I'll start with those I have about 9-10 thermidor.

Click on the pics (matching the scenes) to download the sound extracts.

Night of 8 thermidor: Le Bas, Saint-Just, Élisabeth. )

The morning of 9 thermidor. )

9 thermidor: the insurrection of the Hôtel de Ville. )

9 thermidor: Robespierre arrives at the Hôtel de Ville. )

9 to 10 thermidor: last hours of the insurrection. )

10 thermidor: a farewell with the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens of 1793. )
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Thus I wish to share with you the 1964 TV movie La Terreur et la Vertu by Stellio Lorenzi and Alain Decaux.

Ah, the 1960s! The glorious decade of the victorious left! When the revolutionary, republican and jacobin tradition reigned over historiography!... Long before Furet’s Reaction, which brought with it films such as Wajda’s "Danton", Enrico’s "La Révolution française", De Broca’s "Chouans", Rohmer’s "L’Anglaise et le Duc", Jacquot’s "Sade", Coppola’s "Marie-Antoinette" and the Supreme Being Knows What could be next. Meh.

But that is another story. Back to La Terreur et la Vertu.

I begin with screencaps, which were made by [livejournal.com profile] estellacat. I only uploaded them. :D (And yet, it was very, very, very long. >.> )

Behind this cut, thumbnails of the film. )


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