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Saint-just, Augustin robespierre, Charlotte robespierre,
Where did they live in thermidor ?
Does anybody know ?
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If anyone shows any interest I might also post my translation of Élisabeth Le Bas's memoirs...
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These are basically the appendices to Charlotte Robespierre's memoirs. Some of them are, admittedly, rather random, but they're mostly fairly interesting. Again, due to length, this post is going to have to have two parts.

I am sincerely sorry for my poor translation of the poetry, by the way; I tried to make it rhyme as much as possible, but in the end I just gave up. Or rather, I figured it was better to be accurate than poetic, per se, since it would be impossible to appraise the merit--or lack thereof--of any poem in translation in any case.
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This is the last chapter of Charlotte Robespierre's memoirs themselves--hopefully one that someone will find more interesting than the last--but I since I've also translated the "Justificatory Documents" published at the end of the memoirs (or at least of the edition I have), I'm going to make a separate post to include them. Due to the length of this chapter, it will have to be posted in two parts.

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Believe it or not, I've finally managed to get the next chapter of Charlotte Robespierre's memoirs translated. I know it's been a rather long time since I promised to do so... Hopefully it won't take me as long to get the last chapter posted.

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Chapter Three, as (rather long ago) promised, is finally translated. 

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Forgive me if part of that doesn't read properly; Charlotte uses a lot of strange phrases.

It also happens to be Marat's death day, on a random note.

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Here are the preface and first chapter of Charlotte Robespierre's memoirs translated into English. It's not a perfect translation, but it should (I hope) be coherent.

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Jun. 14th, 2006 05:13 pm
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Does anyone know where to get Charlotte Robespierre's memoirs, or does anyone have them? And have they ever been translated into English? I'm attempting to learn French at the moment, but I'm definitely not so good at it right now. XD


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