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One of bizarre stories I've heard floating around about the French Revolution is that Marie Antoinette's last letter to Mme Elisabeth was found under Robespierre's bed after his execution. Funny how no biography I've read of his has ever mentioned this, you'd think it would be important. Anyway, does anyone know where this story came from?
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Wasn't there some sort of Révolution-related anniversary this year? Can't think who it can have been...ah well, I know, let's have an exhibition on Marie-Antoinette, and a film on this little lady! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1184957/
Oh, and - "spoiler alert"? Like that "what, you mean, the Titanic sinks?" one?

Oh dear...

May. 8th, 2008 07:37 pm
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Marie Antoinette action figures! With ejector heads!!! 


What are they going to do next? The Robespierre action figure? It dripps blood out of its fangs!

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Ok. So I went to see that Marie Antoinette movie. On the one hand I liked it because of the awesome costuming [hot guys in wigs & capri pants!], but on the other hand it blew. The movie had a lot of pointless scenes and progressed in an almost painfully slow manner, which is a total shame since Mizz Sophia "I'mNotAsGoodAsMyDaddyButOMG!MarcJacobsIsAmazing" Coppola had unprecendented access to Versailles. I still have every intention of buying this crap on DVD, but the whole movie came across as an overbudget overglorified senior year student film with subliminal "Come Visit France! Strap on Your Pannier & Tour Versailles!" messages.

I'm not going to even get started on how the Revolution was completely glossed over. I don't remember if Necker was even portrayed in it.

What's everyone else's opinions/rants?


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