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Rapport, 16 Nivôse an III
Links : letter
Title : “Lettre de St. Just à Robespierre”
“19 Août 1790”
“Signé St. Just”

The date of the letter : 19 August 1790
Signature : St. just

It seems that the French usually not use “St. just”, the English usually use “St. just” .
In addition, the English usually writes “rue Saint-Honoré” as “rue St. Honore” .

Maybe, the letter was forged? The letter was forged by English Spy?
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 Today in history, April 13th, 1794, Lucile followed Camille to the guillotine. 

From prison she sent her mother this brief yet poignant note:  "Goodnight dear mama. A tear escapes from my eye. It is for you. I am going to sleep in the calm of innocence."
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 I don't have much knowledge about the French Revolution (as you can tell by looking at my userpic, I'm more of a WWII fangirl) but I'm greatly interested in it. 

So in my AP Euro History class, we had to watch this documentary about the French Revolution. I'll post a part of it below:Read more )
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Saint-just, Augustin robespierre, Charlotte robespierre,
Where did they live in thermidor ?
Does anybody know ?

A Letter ?

Mar. 4th, 2011 06:31 pm
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Title : Lettre à Daubigny
Date of this letter : 20 juillet 1792
Links : Letter

Date of this letter : 20 July 1792

It doesn't look quite right if it was 1792 .
the content of this letter may happen in 1789 .

The date of the letter is wrong ?
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Happy Birthday, le Chouchou!:

How are you passing your day? I hope you are gaving a nice time, along with all your beloved ones.

Your friend
HanriotFran (Vanesa)
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Recueil de documents pour l'histoire du Club des Jacobins de Paris.

Séance du vendredi 16 septembre 1791
Présidence de M. Rœderer

... ...

M. le Président fait lecture de deux lettres adressées à la Société par MM. de la Porte, Olivet, Carle, Coubrel et Mérard de Saint-Just, qui demandent à rentrer dans la Société. Le dernier proteste n'avoir pas mis les pieds aux Feuillants, les autres avouent y avoir été, mais avoir tenté tous les moyens de réunion. Cette assertion est certifiée par M. Salle. - M. Corroller demande que ces messieurs soient admis à se présenter, comme les autres membres, en passant par le scrutin ordinaire. M. Mendouze représente que, lors de la dernière députation aux Feuillants, on offrit de signer une rétractation ; il demande que ceux qui se présenteront désavouent ce qu'il y avait d'insultant pour la Société dans cette rétractation. (Approuvé généralement.)

M. Thomas. - Et moi aussi, je suis pour la sévérité ; mais, depuis, j'ai eu par moi-même la preuve que plusieurs personnes ont été réellement trompées. J'ai été un des commissaires du Comité de révision, j'ai maintenu les principes de sévérité, j'ai proposé plusieurs fois de prendre un parti quelconque vis-à-vis de ceux qui nous avaient abandonnés ; mais je me disais ce que depuis j'ai reconnu être une vérité, je crois qu'il y en a beaucoup qu'on induit en erreur. Il faut donc trouver un moyen de les distinguer. Je voudrais donc qu'on obligeât les dissidents qui voudraient rentrer à être appuyés par trois membres au lieu d'un, et, lorsqu'ils seraient admis, de rétracter solennellement à la tribune leur déclaration. Ce serait une satisfaction suffisante pour la Société.

... ...

M. Dubois de Crancé. - Votre exemple, Messieurs, sera sans doute suivi par tous les bons députés ; cependant je crois que nous devons recevoir ceux des Feuillants qui sont purs ; ils sont notre bien, nous devons les prendre partout où nous les trouvons. (Aux voix ! aux voix !)

La discussion est fermée ; enfin, après quelques amendements proposés et rejetés, on arrête la proposition faite par plusieurs membres de s'en tenir à un nouveau scrutin pour les réceptions ou les rentrées.

... ...

Feuillants and Jacobins ?

Saint-Just ?
are they the same person ?
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Ok. I was posting my presentation entry when LJ ate it D:<
*Calms down* well, I will rewrite it. I'm a new member \ ^o^ /
I have been looking for people that could help me with my studies on the French Revolution. Is a theme that really interest me, but so complex and so hard find a good book about it, but I only find Marie-Antoniette fangirls. That's so depressing... Now, I find this community! I'm so happy ^^
BTW, I like to draw chibis about it. I'll show us this, but it look like a 3-years-old-child draw and my camera hates it like you can see.
David learned that he will never paint Marat in the bath while he's alive )

(David... what I said you about paint-me while i'm in the bath?)
Another thing: my language is the Spanish. I can read English very well, but I suffer trying to write something. And I can read French because is very similar to Spanish, but I can't write a phrase with sense. So, be patient with me ;_;


Nov. 14th, 2010 04:58 pm
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In case anyone has given up on checking, the Amis de Robespierre have finally updated their website.

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Hi! So I'm working on a paper about Saint-Just, (specifically the myths and his portrayal in the Black Book, how they are historically accurate, or not, and what historians think about SJ.) Yes...all this in 6 pages. (in one week) but don't get me started. Firstly, I was wondering if anyone knew where to find a full version of Charles Nodier's text about SJ. Historians seem to use bits and pieces, but I can't find the full version. (Is it in his/Alexander Dumas book the blue and the white?)

Secondly, I was wondering if any of you could suggest thermidorian sources, and sympathetic sources on SJ? I've decided/was assigned to divided the paper into 2 main parts, the things that the movie gets right, and the things they get wrong.

As for getting vaguely correct:
They portray SJ as a man of action
And show him to be a natty dresser/vanity

For the incorrect:
he's a bloodthirsty, sadistic kitten kicker
He's Robespierre's henchman
He's the life of the party.

I'm planning to use Curtis's book to disprove the henchman part. The issue is that a lot of the sources and antidotes on SJ, specifically about the EVIL! part, are all either really biased, or just bizare. And that goes for both sides of the debate. I'm thinking of using Gateau's writing about him, after he was executed, but that's a suspect piece also, and defiantly not impartial.

Currently I'm using Thompson's Leaders of the French Revolution, Palmer, and Hampson's books. Do you think this is even possible? >_<
Thanks everyone. Input is much much much appreciated.

Edit: seems spellcheck autmomatically changed Nodier's spelling. Fixed that.thanks!
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I wanted to share with you another obscure work of fiction about Camille that I found while browsing eBay.fr, a play called Camille Desmoulins; ou Les partis en 1794; drame historique en cinq actes by H. Blanchard and J. Mallian. It was published in the 1830s. 

I'll be sure to let you know if it's interesting or mildly entertaining. Also, I apologize for taking forever to translate and post the rest of that other play (by Duzéa). With school and everything, I've just been too busy. However, I'll make it my project to finish over winter break and tell you when it's up.

On a different note, a Joyeux Halloween to all!

Danton ST?

Oct. 7th, 2010 10:36 pm
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 So, as weird as it is, I've always kind of liked the soundtrack to the Wajda Danton film. Yeah, I know, it's just a bunch of ominous clanging noises. Anyway, I've seen it on eBay as an LP, but does anyone know if it's available to download anywhere? I checked on iTunes and couldn't find it. 
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A good overview and an interesting top 25 list.
Guess which site is No. 1 :-)
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I was searching music and found this. I thought it would interest you! Perhaps someone here already knows this band! :)

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 Happy Birthday to Saint-Just! Still looking pretty good for 243, I'd say ;)

I wish I had something interesting to share to commemorate this day, but sadly I don't. I was thinking of buying a cheap copy of Saint-Just et la force des choses that I'd found somewhere, since I haven't read much specifically about Saint-Just. 

Vive Saint-Just !
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I got this e-mail from the former webmaster, Susanna Coleman, it looks like Saint-Just.net has closed.

Dear everyone,

After a good many years, I've decided to close down Saint-Just.net. The Revolution is not one of my primary interests anymore, and now that I have a full-time career as a college instructor, I don't have the time to maintain the site.

The address Saint-Just.net will cease to function on July 4, but you can still access the site at this address:

I will take down the site entirely on August 26 (the day after Antoine's birthday!), so if you wish to save any materials or information from the site, please do so before then. I will delete this group on the 26th as well.

Thank you for visiting the site, and special thanks to everyone who's contributed to it over the years!

Salute et fraternité,
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Hello all!
I'm searching historical details I can't find (it's mostly dates). Can you help me please ? Here are my questions :
1 - Saint-Just wrote to Robespierre, far before meeting him. It was a letter full of admiration for Maximilien : anyone wan tell me when ? (month and year, please)
2 - When Robespierre and Saint-Just met for the first time ? any details about this encounter ?
3 - Robespierre was quite often ill. If memory serves, he was badly ill, for a very long time in may/june 1793 (for about a month), and then in february/march 1794 (for about a month again). Is that correct ? And is there others periods and dates where Robespierre was ill ?
4 - and last question : Saint-Just was a kind of warrior and he was sent more than a few times at the frontiers to make the war. Can someone tell me, please, where he was sent and when ? (the dates, please)
Thanks a lot !
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 Salut et fraternité citoyens,

So I was telling someone about some illustration of Robespierre I'd seen in which he's a vampire...but now I can't find it anywhere! From what I remember, it's Robespierre with fangs in front of a guillotine (or maybe several guillotines), probably some 19th c. British portrayal. I thought I'd even seen it on this community, but I can't seem to find it as I peruse the archives. In any case, I'm sure one of you has seen it and can direct me to the source.

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Just a reminder to grab your pistolets and jump on the nearest piece of furniture in honor of our man of the hour Camille, who, on July 12, 1789, overcame his (adorable) st-st-stutter to get us all hot, bothered, and ready to wreak some serious havoc on royal property.

I give you a favorite scene from Carlyle :

But see Camille Desmoulins, from the Café de Foy, rushing out, sibylline in face ; his hair streaming, in each hand a pistol! He springs to a table : the Police satellites are eyeing him ; alive they shall not take him, not they alive him alive. This time he speaks without stammering :—Friends ! shall we die like hunted hares ? Like sheep hounded into their pinfold ; bleating for mercy, where is no mercy, but only a whetted knife ? The hour is come ; the supreme hour of Frenchman and Man; when Oppressors are to try conclusions with Oppressed ; and the word is, swift Death, or Deliverance forever. Let such hour be well-come! Us, meseems, one cry only befits : To Arms ! Let universal Paris, universal France, as with the throat of the whirlwind, sound only : To arms !— "To arms !"

Bravo Camille!

Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday!
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ALL OTHER ISSUES ABOUT THIS BOOK ASIDE, I have made an important observation about Marat's presence in A Place of Greater Safty, citizens.

Let me share it with you )


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