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ALL OTHER ISSUES ABOUT THIS BOOK ASIDE, I have made an important observation about Marat's presence in A Place of Greater Safty, citizens.

Let me share it with you )
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Those thoughtless men who criticize me for being so stubborn, will see from this that I have been this way from an early age-- GET THE FUCK OUT, DAVID. )

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Easy reference is very easy. And yes, even though the telephone wasn't invented until 80-some-odd years after the revolution, it's here for comedy's sake :V

MOAR MARAT IN DAVID IN COMICS (and once again, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] kurotoshi's comic). Oh and my humor is very weird. Just sayin'....


/crawls back under rock until next time
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Salut! I come bearing more art. Just two doodles today of Marat and Simonne-- WHY ARE THERE NO PICTURES OF HER?! D8 /baaaws forever

I imagine her as a pretty little thing c: )

And that's all from me /goes back under her rock until next time
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Salut! First time poster, long time lurker (and Marat lover) ;D I come bearing a simple crack!comic I drew. It was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] kurotoshi's comic~

In which Marat scares the crap out of David... )

Enjoy~! o/
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The heritage is still alive. Articles on revolutionaries and other people somehow related to the French revolution, including Marat, Brissot, Hérault de Séchelles, Roux, Couthon, Saint-Just,  Hébert, Prieur, Choderlos de Laclos, Sade, Toussaint Louverture (the leader of Haitian revolution and anti-slavery movement, the so-called black jacobin), David, Olympe de Gouges and many others. 

Our fellow-revolutionary Estellacat has kindly volunteered to translate any of these articles to English for those who can't read French. Just express your wish in a comment and she will do it for us.

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Yeah, i'm not dead =) the guillotine hasn't got me yet..anyhow..i was going on the internet and looked up the french revolution and came up to this disturbing picture which made me laugh xD

and i wanted to share it with you all because i have a sick sense of humor or whatever. and enjoy xD hahahahha

discuss xD

You are warned! )
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Assuming this links correctly (it should be Caravaggio part 8/12 on Youtube) - just a nice little in-joke from the wonderful and sadly departed Derek Jarman's film 'Caravaggio': it's about 4 mins 40 secs into the clip- the character in the tub is a bitchy art critic who has been assaulted by the painter at a party the previous evening. Classicists here might also be interested to know that Jarman made 'Sebastiane', which has the honour of being, as far as I know, the first film entirely in latin, and the first to get an erect penis on British TV. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1odJaiu9O0A&feature=related
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Yes...I know. I'm being late again. But this time is not in purpose. I simplu couldn't leave any comments here, for LiveJournal was not working for me. I must accept that my PC is rather an old lady. There 's things that she can't do any more!

Marat birthday was in May 24, but this day all what I was able to see at Livejournal was a white screen.

However, I don't want to forget Marat, who was one of Hanriot's better friends (yeah...and he also was "L'Ami du Peuple"!). It was Marat who helped him to be freed from Bicêtre prison; it was surely him who peomoted him to Commandat of National Guard. And it was Hanriot who cared for Marat's gravesite when he was buried, planting roses and a tree close to it (It wasn't romantic?? :D ).

So, I think it's better to post this in May 31, when movement to get Girondins out of the Convention began...And would you believe me? Because it IS my own birthday too!

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 As some of you know, I've been transcribing J.M. Thompson's chapter on Marat from his book Leaders of the French Revolution. I finally finished today. (Yeah, its been like a year.) Here are the links each part of the chapter. Overall, I think its a very fair view of Marat, and sort of examines the Jekylle/Hyde aspects of him. What do you think of Thompson's view?

Part 1: http://citoyenneclark.livejournal.com/2467.html

Part 2: http://citoyenneclark.livejournal.com/3432.html

Part 3: http://citoyenneclark.livejournal.com/5025.html

Part 4: http://citoyenneclark.livejournal.com/5239.html

Part 5: http://citoyenneclark.livejournal.com/5615.html

I'm transcribing the chapter on Robespierre next. Who do you want to read about after? Danton? Fabre? Lafayette? Louvet? 
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I've just been in the British Library looking through Marat's Chains of Slavery. I have to confess I'd never properly read any Marat before, what with the iffy French it would have to be a very slow process. However I can get around that with this work because it's in English (that was considerate of him!), published for a British audience in 1774. I didn't have much time, nor did I have a laptop, but I did manage to copy out a few pages, which deal with the use of writing against tyranny. Oh, and did I mention this man is brilliant? My love is growing at an alarming rate.

Read more... )

EDIT. And this is why you should not do these things in a hurry. Have tried to fix the several typos and added the footnote which I forgot to type up in the first place. Apologies.
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Hi! First post. I just wanted to show something I found. Don't know if anyone's seen it.


Somebody's apparently twittering as Marat. It's actually pretty funny and seems to be done in good humor.

Some examples include:
"@gironde - if you want, YES, I WILL send you the math regarding the heads necessary."

"An insurrection is like a suprise practical exam for revolutionaries. One that's graded pass/fail. Just a thought..."

"Down with tyranny! Republic FTW!"

"The Mountain is full of drama llamas. This is why nothing gets done here!"

and my personal favorite:

"Paper got banned again. Going into hiding. Have no fear, my loyal readers - I WILL continue to tweet. Down with the Girondins!"

Just thought everyone might find it interesting. I recommend starting at the beginning, as the person doing it sometimes goes on multi-post story arcs, one including a laser-guillotine.
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Does anyone know if any photographs exist of the statue of Robespierre erected in Moscow in 1918? It didn't last very long - 'the concrete cracked in a frost' say some accounts, 'it was blown up' say others (ah, historical controversy, it's never far away...). They had a battleship 'Marat', too (the French had a battleship class of 'Dantons'!). Btw, the French music magazine, the awkwardly named Les Inrockuptibles (does it still exist?) - is that meant as some sort of peculiar 'tribute'?
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Hello! I have a question today. Does anyone know where, within the Panthéon, Marat's tomb was? Are there any pictures or references that give some idea of it? I went there this morning, and between the fits of revolutionary ecstasy and all of that, curiosity struck me suddenly. I finally got myself to ask some people who worked there (...well, I'm very shy) and no one knew. (It also seemed they couldn't imagine why I'd want to know, but that's to be expected, I'm sure.) Thank you in advance~
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This may be old news (I only recently got broadband so moving pictures online are still a novelty to me!), but The Times (aka The London Times to those of you in the New World) has put its archive online. I still haven't explored it, but it put up some French Rev links with an article on the 14th July. The 16 July 1794 piece on the 'Character of Robespierre' is hilarious. He poisoned Marat to give him his skin disease! He was Charlotte Corday's handler! He and the CPS wrote 'Pere Duchesne' (because he's such a hardcore atheist)! And he blew up the Twin Towers with detonators in the basement! Or something like that. http://archive.timesonline.co.uk/tol/viewArticle.arc?pageId=ARCHIVE-The_Times-1794-07-16-02&articleId=ARCHIVE-The_Times-1794-07-16-02-008 And the article is http://archive.timesonline.co.uk/tol/archive/tol_archive/article4317146.ece
Funnily enough, when they report his death a few weeks later, The Times' attitude is "oh shit, he was holding it together...now there'll be chaos and war" (and there was!)
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Apparently, according to some accounts, the narky tennis player Marat Safin, who lost at Wimbledon today, was named after Jean-Paul Marat by his grandmother.
Safin himself says he thinks the name's Muslim, but it isn't, is it (?). In the interview about it, he sounds clueless, so I'm hoping it was a Russian communist grandmother keeping the revolutionary flame alive (unfortunately, on someone too stupid to appreciate it).
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 So! I'm keeping my word, and welcome to the pic spam! All of this is random pics of Marat and whatnots :D

If you have any questions about any of the pics - Let me know! So enjoy them! :D


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